The KindredHQ Playlist #6

Sophie Tott is a seasoned DJ, producer, and now fitness instructor, who has delighted dance-floors with her selection of music the world over. We first met Sophie back in 2001 when she was in the design and marketing world. She was one of the first people we met who decided to break free of her corporate life and pursue her dream.

After building a successful career as a DJ, just over four years ago, she felt that the time was right take a break from globetrotting with her musical wares to enjoy spending time with her young family. So she upped sticks, moved to the country and prepared to start afresh.

“Sometimes when you’re working for yourself and constantly creating, you need to take a break to rediscover yourself and refocus your direction.  

In my case, I thought that having children and moving away from the city would create a natural pause in my working life. What actually happened was that a new direction presented itself, and I was asked to create a piece of music in response to my birth to be used as a backdrop to an active and positive birthing programme ( to help other mums enjoy their experience. It was thrilling to realise my music could reach people in other ways, and the company is just about to go international this year.”

New projects continued to come forth – helping to set up a youth music project, and bringing the City of London Sinfonia to the country to play an under 5’s concert among them.

“There’s no doubt that being open, talkative, and a good listener is one of the greatest ways to keep work flowing as a freeworker – it’s all about connecting with potential customers – it’s a people game – and if you listen carefully you can hear the windows of opportunity opening. When things go a little quiet as they can do, I try to live by my motto and ‘create don’t consume’, and sure enough as I’m creating, ideas spark and the next project is on the go. 

The DJ is still within me, and I’m always looking out for new and exciting tunes that uplift and move me. My playlist for today is a 50 minute Jazz-House-Latin-Electro-Swing-Dubstep mix for you to enjoy The tracks are fun, vintage, modern – and they make your toes tap which makes them great to listen to when you need to get things moving at a pace I love the combination of old and new and think it makes for uplifting listening, especially when listened to loud.”

Here’s her fantastic mix which is guaranteed to get you swinging on your seat.

Check out Sophie’s latest business creation – “Swing Me Fit”  – a new style of exercise class with swing dance and aerobic moves set to the sound of swing and electro swing at

You can also follow Sophie on Twitter: @Fit_Boutique


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