The KindredHQ Playlist #5

Roberto Sodano has been writing recording, and honing his craft for years. A teenager in the eighties, with dodgy haircuts to match, he saw Kraftwerk supported by the Human League , and straightaway fell in love with electronic music. During the 90’s he released tracks under a series of strange and possibly ill advised pseudonyms (such as Crystal, Backdoor Man, Autovelox & Pastaboy), before finally settling on the ethereal ‘Audioglider, ’ as a perfect name to encapsulate the essence of the music.

He’s also a very talented Account Director and Marketing Strategist and a proud father of two…

Wherever you work these days, the proliferation of headphones and earphones usage seems to have increased as workers strive to block out distractions, and get in ‘the zone’. As a self confessed music nerd and electronica junkie, sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud have been wonderful addition to music discovery platforms – as I search for new sonic flavours to help inspire my day job – there are some amazing artists out there.

One of my favourite new discoveries has been an artist called Stumbleine – their exotic fusion of ambient, shoegaze and future R&B shouldn’t work, but it does. Their latest album available on Bandcamp – Drifting Youth, is a perfect introduction to their immersive, inspirational sound – perfect when you want to focus, or need to escape the noise of wherever you have set up shop today – and sounds amazing on headphones.

I have also put together some mixtapes of chilled, and melodic electronica to stream and download from Soundcloud. Hope they help you stay in the zone!”


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