The tax therapist

Our resident tax therapist (ahem..Rosie Slosek of One Man Band Accounting) wants us to relax and get your forms in.

It’s tax time again. Less than 2 weeks to go. The signs of frustration can be heard all over the land. Have you done yours yet?

I’m in a coffee shop today with a reward of a latte if I can write this blog post. I know it should be easy, but it feels so hard, and there’s a deadline!

I sit down with my coffee, and notice the woman opposite me is reading a book called, ‘CBT
for Dummies’. We start chatting and I explain how I use CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques to help my clients get past their fear of their tax return, so it’s less stress and agony for them (cake also features).

Dammit. She’s noticed I need to put my own advice into action, curses. Mea culpa. So here I am now, writing what appears to be becoming an opinion piece rather than a tough Martha Stewart get-it-done-by-bullet-points blog post.

It’s a legal requirement for those of us in business, that self assessment. All that detail, paperwork and calculations – with the complication of employment AND self-employment for many of you – can make you feel like you need a lie down in a darkened room for several weeks.

Take control! Tax is taxing (sorry, Martha), but it really ought not to be worse than the job needs. Putting it off and getting stressed is just SO last year, dahling.

Some people enjoy being right up against a deadline. If that’s you, we’ll see you on 31st January. For the rest of us, who think a deadline is a torture device in disguise, well done if yours is already done (I have a special place in my heart for my clients who do theirs by September – a free extras kind of special place).

If you still need to file, how much work is it really? Honestly? It’s not that much is it for most people. A pile of dead trees that look remarkably like receipts and statements, assorted pixels (that’s the e- stuff), a spreadsheet or accountancy software, some cake, possibly some wine, and the delightful HMRC self assessment software or emailing the lot off to your accountant.

Yes, it’s a pain in the arse, or pain in the ass if you’re an American over here (*hello!*).

On the other hand, you clean your teeth every day without teh dramz so why not the tax return without drama? Then you can go back to looking at cats on the internet working hard 🙂

You really don’t need a therapist to get your tax return done. Honest, guv.

This post was sponsored by lemon drizzle cake.

Bio – Rosie Slosek runs One Man Band Accounting, supporting one man bands in the UK with hassle and fear-free tax returns and practical business advice, with a home made brownie for every client.

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