6 ways to deal with the unexpected

Anyone who freelances will tell you that there is your life is a constant juggling act as you try to manage life, clients and simple day-to-day administration. Some of us even get quite good at it.  You know what they say about going to a busy person if you want something done. But it also […]

Why work life balance doesn’t exist

I do wish that we’d accept the fact that this elusive nirvana, so called ‘work-life balance’ doesn’t exist. Do you know anyone who has achieved it? There’s a fundamental flaw in the idea of work life balance.  The idea is built on the view that you have to make time for ‘life’ that is separate […]

Boundaries are better than balance

Jessica Chivers explains that it’s not work-life balance that counts but boundaries, and listening to the little voice inside… Through my work I have the privilege of hearing other women’s aspirations, concerns and insights into the minutiae of what it takes to be at their best. One thing that comes up time and again is boundaries. Not […]

Have you found the meaning of life?

As any of you who have worked with me, or followed my career antics will testify, I like to think that I’m disruptive. But I’d never written into the 10-year career plan (alright, I never had that plan) that I would do the same with my own career. The fact is that, although we might […]