10 signs you’ve got a freelance family

It doesn’t matter what your profession is. You may be a creative freelancer or an IT contractor, but you will share a common bond with anyone who works independently. If you are nervous about leaving behind your friends, team and the perks of corporate life then be reassured that you’ll be coming into the huge, […]

Join our Mastermind Group

Next Mastermind Group is on 28th October 2014 You spoke. We listened.  What the KindredHQ community really want is a way to spur each other on and share experiences of running their freelance business. What’s a Mastermind Group? You can’t beat the energy, commitment, and excitement of a Mastermind Group and we’ve adapted the tried […]

Being brave. Being your own boss.

Do you really need to be brave to start up a freelance or independent business? Juliet Simmons gives us this very personal take on what it means to be brave. The dictionary definition of bravery is someone who is ready to face and endure danger or pain, someone who shows courage.   Two years ago when […]