Why work life balance doesn’t exist

I do wish that we’d accept the fact that this elusive nirvana, so called ‘work-life balance’ doesn’t exist. Do you know anyone who has achieved it? There’s a fundamental flaw in the idea of work life balance.  The idea is built on the view that you have to make time for ‘life’ that is separate […]

Square pegs don’t fit in round holes

Many of us reach a point in our freelance careers when we seriously consider going back into permanent work.  It happens to the majority of us who earn a living by swopping time and expertise for money. I have spoken to many of you who really struggling to maintain a consistent freelance career and see […]

nerd hides under the table

How do freelancers deal with uncertainty?

Dealing with uncertainty is a fact of life for anyone who has a solo career, whether they describe themselves as a freelancer, entrepreneur or whatever.  Despite all the wonderful reasons why you should be your own boss, that feeling that it can’t last, or that you can’t plan ahead never goes away. But you can […]