Am I too old to start my own business?

Believe me. There are many times when I ask myself what I’m doing. I’m no spring chicken, in the body if not the mind! We hear so many horror stories about what happens as you get older.  It seems ridiculous in this time that ageism still prevails. But that’s matched by a huge rise in […]

11 must have books for freelancers

We all need some extra stimulus from books sometimes, particularly when we are wrestling with a presentation or simply trying to come up with a name and idea for our business. We’ve put together a list of the top 11 books that we turn to at different stages in our freelance career and we’ve reviewed […]

8 signs you’ve got a passion business

Yesterday, I attended the book launch of ‘Start Your Dream Business: Secrets of Successful and Happy Entrepreneurs’. Written by two smart women, Carole Ann Rice and Sarah Wade, it’s full of fascinating insights into what makes us independent types tick. What I particularly love about the real life stories of those featured is that they […]