Does status matter when you freelance?

So you’ve left the safety of your corporate fishbowl for the wide open deep waters of an independent career. It’s both exhilarating and terrifying, and you need to be prepared.  You can’t underestimate how important some of those things that you took for granted are and that you will miss most.  Maybe you had a […]

11 signs you’ll make a great freelancer

Thinking of leaving your job to go freelance? Here are 11 signs that you might be able to make a success of working for yourself. Being your own boss isn’t for everyone. In fact, here at KindredHQ we can spot someone who shouldn’t be freelance a mile off. But, if you are dreading every Monday […]

big fish tries to eat little fish

The Great Escape

You and I, independent professional, solopreneur, freelancer – whatever you choose to call yourself, belong to the “free agent nation” popularized over a decade ago by the author and workplace guru Daniel Pink.  For us, this is normal life.  It’s what anyone with confidence in their abilities and a desire to make a worthwhile living […]

RAF Airman. Free agent.

Until recently, Alex Ford was known to many as RAFAirman, blogging from Afghanistan, opening up the reality of the conflict in a very human way. He’s just left the RAF after a long career.  We join him as he embarks on his new life as a free agent. “It took him an absolute age to […]

Getting back to you.

Alex Butler ponders the after effects of redundancy and wonders why more people don’t choose to go freelance. Do you remember your first meeting with a career consultant, probably back at school?  Mine was a funny affair.  In a high achieving school, let’s say I wasn’t in the Top 10 percent for exam grades.  I […]