10 things I wish I’d known

Here at KindredHQ, you know we are on a mission to make freelancing a serious and fulfilling career option for everyone.  Like many, I was offered little to no preparation for the world of work when I left Uni and so spent many years trying to make sense of the corporate world. I wish that […]

The Cheapskate’s Guide to IT for independents

One of the biggest headaches of your early weeks as an independent will be deciding how to become your own IT department. Kevin McClean has been freelancing for 3 months, and developed this guide especially for you. I went freelance 3 months ago.  And I’ve wrestled with my (business) conscience on a number of scores, […]

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Does experience matter?

Even if you didn’t start your career as a freelance, you will probably remember (acutely) the feeling of disorientation as you learnt a new company language and culture. For many of us, that feeling would repeat as we moved companies and didn’t get much better as you became more senior. Each one of us begin […]