10 ways to get your freelance pricing right

It is a startling fact that many freelancers don’t charge the right rates for the work they do. Why is that? So many of us stumble into freelancing unprepared for it, and when we start that first client project, we don’t know how to answer when someone asks us ‘how much do you charge?’ or […]

How to find extra freelance income

Being your own boss is the business. But of course, working independently means periods without any guaranteed work. We’ve talked about how you can deal with the fallow periods when there isn’t a steady stream of client work, but what if you could bring in extra income that doesn’t rely on your time? Having other […]

The easiest free invoice tool ever?

Bet you’ve spent more than a few hours searching the web for a nice looking free invoice template. Well it looks like it has arrived. Our friends at FreeAgent have launched an intuitive free tool that means that instead of wasting time with the tedious process of creating invoices on your own, you can simply […]