How to market yourself as a freelancer

James White, a freelance writer, gives some valuable tips based on experience to help market yourself as a freelancer. One of the hardest aspects of running your own freelance business is that it’s all up to you to find new jobs to keep the money coming in. A great portfolio of work, past client testimonials, […]

How not to look like a company of one

I am fascinated by the way the freelance economy works. Particularly the way that we independents pool resources to compete with the big boys.  Partly powered by technology, we are linking up and sharing in many different ways and it’s beginning to look like the way we’ll all work in the future. Of course you […]

typewriter once upon a time

There’s a book in all of us

Apparently, we’ve all got a book inside us.  For many of us though, we never quite get the time, energy or confidence to put pen to paper and write it.  But the time has never been better to get yourself published, with many different ways to do that – and no need to worry about […]