10 easy steps towards freelancing

At this time of year, many of us are thinking about how we can make changes that will improve our quality of life and enrich our relationships.  Perhaps you’ve had time to think about your job and have decided that it’s time to make a change? Traditionally, we would have started looking for new versions […]

Starting your freelance consulting business

There’s unprecedented growth in the self-employment market, and it’s a global movement.  Originally fuelled by economic recession, when many people were displaced from full time jobs, it has now finally become the preferred choice for many. The interesting thing about this growth spurt is the number of people who are starting new freelance careers later […]

The 7 rules of freelance etiquette

It’s a jungle out there and for those of you who are new to being your own boss, you face a whole new world of working etiquette.  Gone are the centuries old structures brought about by the hierarchies of corporate life. There’s no HR induction pack and you just have to work it all out […]

10 ways to get your freelance pricing right

It is a startling fact that many freelancers don’t charge the right rates for the work they do. Why is that? So many of us stumble into freelancing unprepared for it, and when we start that first client project, we don’t know how to answer when someone asks us ‘how much do you charge?’ or […]

How to cure your networking allergy in 5 easy steps

There’s no getting round it. You have to get out and about making new business connections and networking when you work for yourself.  But the very thought of it makes many of us shudder. Business networking got itself a bad reputation in the past. It became associated with sleazy salesmen, back scratching, thrusting business cards […]

Easy as Etsy

More and more of our members are starting to think about how they sell their products online.  There are various different online retailers, but if you create art or craft items then Etsy is the largest online shop on the web and it’s fabulously easy to set up. Last week, we had an illuminating Sandwich […]

11 signs you’ll make a great freelancer

Thinking of leaving your job to go freelance? Here are 11 signs that you might be able to make a success of working for yourself. Being your own boss isn’t for everyone. In fact, here at KindredHQ we can spot someone who shouldn’t be freelance a mile off. But, if you are dreading every Monday […]

Letting balloons fly away

Up, up and away

I’m inspired to write this by several stories that I’ve heard this week.  Stories about what happens when it all kicks off, and you launch your idea on the world when you weren’t expecting it to. Picture this. You’ve been nurturing your plan for world domination for a while. Well. Maybe you don’t think of […]

typewriter once upon a time

There’s a book in all of us

Apparently, we’ve all got a book inside us.  For many of us though, we never quite get the time, energy or confidence to put pen to paper and write it.  But the time has never been better to get yourself published, with many different ways to do that – and no need to worry about […]

Days like this

It’s not like us to be all doom and gloom, but some days, it takes 200% more effort to get out of bed and make an impact on the world, and that’s especially true when the weather isn’t playing ball.  If you live in the UK, you will know all about it. We’ve had a […]

Our guide to less is more happiness

Alex Butler returns to a life of less is more. On the way back from a very interesting meeting today, I walked through some of my old stamping grounds in London.  Cue wibbly wobbly visuals as the time machine transported me back to previous lives. Throughout my early career, I can distinctly remember my top […]