10 easy steps towards freelancing

At this time of year, many of us are thinking about how we can make changes that will improve our quality of life and enrich our relationships.  Perhaps you’ve had time to think about your job and have decided that it’s time to make a change? Traditionally, we would have started looking for new versions […]

The 7 rules of freelance etiquette

It’s a jungle out there and for those of you who are new to being your own boss, you face a whole new world of working etiquette.  Gone are the centuries old structures brought about by the hierarchies of corporate life. There’s no HR induction pack and you just have to work it all out […]

How to market yourself as a freelancer

James White, a freelance writer, gives some valuable tips based on experience to help market yourself as a freelancer. One of the hardest aspects of running your own freelance business is that it’s all up to you to find new jobs to keep the money coming in. A great portfolio of work, past client testimonials, […]

How to avoid getting it wrong

You’d have thought that I had freelancing nailed by now, wouldn’t you?  That I’d be an expert.  Well, the truth is that I’m not.  I’m constantly learning. So here’s a cautionary tale. To avoid the common mistakes that we all make and inspire you towards being a far more professional independent than I am, you […]

10 reasons to love being independent

Of course, there are millions of reasons why you love working for yourself. But I’ve chosen 10 of my favourites.  They are a great reminder whenever you get a bit stuck and wonder whether you should go back to a regular salary. 1.     You just have to make enough money. Working for yourself means that […]

Win £450 worth of John Lewis vouchers

You could win £450 of John Lewis vouchers just for answering a few simple questions about your independent life.  We want to find more about working at home and how you secure you feel when you are working in public places. It’s a quick and easy survey to complete – it should take you less […]

11 signs you’ll make a great freelancer

Thinking of leaving your job to go freelance? Here are 11 signs that you might be able to make a success of working for yourself. Being your own boss isn’t for everyone. In fact, here at KindredHQ we can spot someone who shouldn’t be freelance a mile off. But, if you are dreading every Monday […]

Grow with email and social media

In this second of a 6 part series ‘Your Flying Start in Freelancing’, Tamsin Fox-Davies, resident small business mentor at Constant Contact here in the UK, tells us how to grow your business with email and social media. Tamsin Fox-Davies is a well known small business marketing mentor with more than ten years’ experience in […]

trail begins here

Does experience matter?

Even if you didn’t start your career as a freelance, you will probably remember (acutely) the feeling of disorientation as you learnt a new company language and culture. For many of us, that feeling would repeat as we moved companies and didn’t get much better as you became more senior. Each one of us begin […]

No laughing matter

Today I’m writing about depression. This is a subject that I’ve wanted to write about for a long time, but I’ve shied away, not wanting to get it wrong, trivialise it or misrepresent the reality of life for those who suffer from it. But it’s become clear that within our growing family of independents and […]

Fear, creation and freelancing

Yiannis Pelekanos is stepping out from the dark and admitting he’s scared. So… I’ve not really written much over the last couple of months. As much as I want to call it an extended hiatus, its not really been by choice. Its been fear. Well, and procrastination. But mainly fear!  I don’t know whether it’s […]

Being amazing

Humility is the key to being amazing, even if you are your own boss.  This week’s guest article is from Juliet Simmons, who runs her own consultancy, Piece of Cake. I’m not normally one to read the saccharine sweet self-help emails that sometimes find their way into my inbox or on to my Facebook or […]