When does a freelancer become an entrepreneur?

We struggle with the terminology here at KindredHQ.  You’ll notice that we use the words freelancer, independent, self-employed, being your own boss interchangeably.  That’s because we think that however you describe yourself, there’s a common attitude and feeling about the way we work that binds us together, and we don’t much go for labels.  (Except […]

What’s in a name?

Self-employed. Freelancer. Entrepreneur. Business owner. I’m not sure that I care what anyone calls me, but it seems that it matters. We live in a world where your status is defined by your job title, and when you go freelance, you leave that behind. But ask anyone who is their own boss how they describe […]

russian dolls

Why there is an ‘I’ in team

We’re fine with being a team of one, right?  Except that we all know that we are better when we are around others, sharing the ups and downs of work and life.  Enjoying the freedom and control of being your own one-man band is why most of us chose to go freelance, but sometimes we […]

I’m new around here

Tommy Darker, a musician, shares his very personal experience setting out on a freelance career in London, a new city. “… I am free! Total freedom. No boss. No pressure to wake up at 5am anymore and no constraints on my creative integrity. It was my choice after all, right? It was me that quit […]

It takes all sorts

Are freelancers and independents simply a bunch of misfits?  Well yes and no.  But we’re happy like that, aren’t we? We are continually amazed at the sheer diversity of freelance talent around us here at KindredHQ. Is there anything that binds us together?  We wondered what would happen if you were recruiting for someone with […]