10 signs you’ve got a freelance family

It doesn’t matter what your profession is. You may be a creative freelancer or an IT contractor, but you will share a common bond with anyone who works independently. If you are nervous about leaving behind your friends, team and the perks of corporate life then be reassured that you’ll be coming into the huge, […]

How many hours do you work?

Sarah Browning of Browning York, is a communications specialist. She’s been thinking about what counts as ‘work’ when you’re freelancing I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked that question in the last few years. I understand why people ask; when you’re an employee of an organisation, that’s generally how your working […]

Admit it. You’re terrified.

I’ve discovered something.  It seems we are all living with a level of permanent fear. A surprising number of us, even those I’d put in the successful box, admit privately to feeling fearful a lot of the time.  Some will even say that it doesn’t go away, it is a continual feature in their lives. […]

10 things I wish I’d known

Here at KindredHQ, you know we are on a mission to make freelancing a serious and fulfilling career option for everyone.  Like many, I was offered little to no preparation for the world of work when I left Uni and so spent many years trying to make sense of the corporate world. I wish that […]

Life’s too short to be in the wrong meeting

Sarah Browning celebrates her freelance career. I was at a great unconference at the weekend. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of an unconference, let me (briefly) explain. It’s like a regular conference but with no pre-set programme – on the day, the delegates say what they would like to discuss or learn […]

7 key trends for your freelance career

The seasoned freelancer always has a wary eye on what’s coming up over the horizon. Let’s face it though; many of us are hopping from one gig to the next without worrying too much about how we fit in as the world changes around us. So, we decided to do the homework for you, and […]

Just do it

Today, Alex Butler wants you to forward this to a corporate cubicle friend We talk a lot on this blog about why there is no beating the freelance, independent life, the thrills and spills of freelancing, the camaraderie, and the clients that won’t really ‘get’ you. We espouse following your passion, and being remarkable. Sometimes […]

6 ways to be paid what you are worth

It’s an art that every freelancer has to learn from the first day that you accept a client job, but even the very experienced and long in the tooth find the process of setting your worth difficult and rather nerve wracking. Many of us are not born for this part. Trust me, this goes right […]

In the company of others

As regulars will know, the idea that you can be totally independent, but being part of a tribe goes right to the heart of the KindredHQ philosophy. We see this every week when we run our regular London-based Pop-Up Coworking sessions, our take on the ‘jelly’ phenomenon. It’s a fact that even if you love […]

The bit in-between

Alex Butler is thinking about the magic of serendipity and wants to see more of it. Funny old world isn’t it?  In my day job, I give advice on digital technology and marketing, and it’s true to say that I’m geekily interested in how it all works and what’s over the horizon, and how the […]

2012: The Year of Independence

It’s a reflective time, the end of the year, isn’t it? A mixture of disappointment that you haven’t reached the (frankly out of reach) goals that you set yourself and excitement about what lies ahead. I’ve been looking closely at 2012 and I’m quietly happy to let the year go, having had my own ups […]

The Weird Psychology of Motivation

We start out with a dream, an idea. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and it’s what keeps us going when things are tough. Staying motivated is another thing entirely, and if your home is anything like KindredHQ, there are all manner of self-help and motivational books on the shelf as […]

The Notrepreneurs

Alex Butler isn’t keen on the word entrepreneur. I’m going to come clean. I hate the term entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong.  I know many wonderful, talented, hard-working, generous entrepreneurs and it has been a privilege to see some of them become very successful indeed. It’s just that the term has become devalued.  I’d contend […]

What if money were no object?

Imagine what would happen if you took that out of the equation. You’d make very different choices, wouldn’t you? I was directed to this beautiful film this week by a number of our readers this week and I wanted to share it here on the blog. Because if you are having a day of confusion, […]

Consider yourself at home

Spare a thought for the people who work hard to make hubs a home.  This week’s guest post is from Anna Levy, host at Hub Islington a well-known coworking space in London Freelancing can be a lonely game. Sitting at home in your living room with only your MacBook and cat for company can drive […]

The invisible independents

There’s been an explosion in the number of people who are choosing to work freelance, and yet, when official employment figures are published, freelancers and independents manage to fall off the radar. Why is that? It’s simple. The way that the government monitors this information is out of date. According to the number crunchers, employment […]

Telling your story

A funny thing happened recently.  I was asked for a recent copy of my CV (that’s resume for our US readers!) If you are freelance, you probably can’t remember the last time you were asked for your resume.  It’s much more likely that you have been asked for your Linkedin profile, or a link to […]

In my own words: Sarah’s story.

Sarah Browning is a freelance internal communications specialist, and she loves to write!  She shares her story of independent working here, at KindredHQ. Best of all worlds It’s only been two years since I set up my internal communications firm, but I’ve learned more than I could have ever dreamed possible. From the mundane; to […]

Getting back to you.

Alex Butler ponders the after effects of redundancy and wonders why more people don’t choose to go freelance. Do you remember your first meeting with a career consultant, probably back at school?  Mine was a funny affair.  In a high achieving school, let’s say I wasn’t in the Top 10 percent for exam grades.  I […]

Wandering about in the Cloud

Our offices are whereever we want them to be – right? It’s easier than ever now, and best of all, it doesn’t need to cost the earth.  In fact, the real problem is choosing which productivity tools and services are best and won’t cost an arm and a leg. The Cloud and Software as a […]

The worst boss in the world?

Imagine a working day like this. You routinely get into the office early every morning, aware that you need to be seen to be at work earlier than anyone else.  Despite the fact that you are dead on your feet owing to the fact that you didn’t leave the office before midnight last night, you […]