When does a freelancer become an entrepreneur?

We struggle with the terminology here at KindredHQ.  You’ll notice that we use the words freelancer, independent, self-employed, being your own boss interchangeably.  That’s because we think that however you describe yourself, there’s a common attitude and feeling about the way we work that binds us together, and we don’t much go for labels.  (Except […]

What’s in a name?

Self-employed. Freelancer. Entrepreneur. Business owner. I’m not sure that I care what anyone calls me, but it seems that it matters. We live in a world where your status is defined by your job title, and when you go freelance, you leave that behind. But ask anyone who is their own boss how they describe […]

Am I too old to start my own business?

Believe me. There are many times when I ask myself what I’m doing. I’m no spring chicken, in the body if not the mind! We hear so many horror stories about what happens as you get older.  It seems ridiculous in this time that ageism still prevails. But that’s matched by a huge rise in […]

Desk of the Week: The Ideas Man

Shed Simove is a comedian, entrepreneur, author, and corporate speaker. He is an expert in ideas and can help you make your ideas happen. Shed believes that “when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures – if you follow the idea through…”.  ‘I spend so much of my time […]

The Notrepreneurs

Alex Butler isn’t keen on the word entrepreneur. I’m going to come clean. I hate the term entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong.  I know many wonderful, talented, hard-working, generous entrepreneurs and it has been a privilege to see some of them become very successful indeed. It’s just that the term has become devalued.  I’d contend […]