10 easy steps towards freelancing

At this time of year, many of us are thinking about how we can make changes that will improve our quality of life and enrich our relationships.  Perhaps you’ve had time to think about your job and have decided that it’s time to make a change? Traditionally, we would have started looking for new versions […]

Square pegs don’t fit in round holes

Many of us reach a point in our freelance careers when we seriously consider going back into permanent work.  It happens to the majority of us who earn a living by swopping time and expertise for money. I have spoken to many of you who really struggling to maintain a consistent freelance career and see […]

How to avoid getting it wrong

You’d have thought that I had freelancing nailed by now, wouldn’t you?  That I’d be an expert.  Well, the truth is that I’m not.  I’m constantly learning. So here’s a cautionary tale. To avoid the common mistakes that we all make and inspire you towards being a far more professional independent than I am, you […]

10 reasons to love being independent

Of course, there are millions of reasons why you love working for yourself. But I’ve chosen 10 of my favourites.  They are a great reminder whenever you get a bit stuck and wonder whether you should go back to a regular salary. 1.     You just have to make enough money. Working for yourself means that […]

8 working trends to watch in 2014

What a year it’s been for working independently!  We’ve always believed that the revolution will come and it looks like it is now well and truly here. Whether you’ve already gone freelance or you are poised ready to go, here is our guide to the fundamental shifts that are taking place. We’ll look at the […]

Are you caught in the money trap?

I’ve just been watching a great RSA talk from Dan Pink (you know, the one who coined the term ‘free agent’).  If you want to see it for yourself, it’s here.  In it, he talks about what drives us. For many of you who are contemplating going it alone, working for yourself, the whole issue […]

Grow with email and social media

In this second of a 6 part series ‘Your Flying Start in Freelancing’, Tamsin Fox-Davies, resident small business mentor at Constant Contact here in the UK, tells us how to grow your business with email and social media. Tamsin Fox-Davies is a well known small business marketing mentor with more than ten years’ experience in […]

5 ways to win work on freelance job sites

If you’ve got your sensible hat on, you will be using the quieter Summer months to find new freelance projects, hone your online profiles and portfolios, and be looking for interesting freelancing opportunities that you can bid for. But where do you start?  There are now hundreds of freelance job sites and platforms, and you […]

10 things I wish I’d known

Here at KindredHQ, you know we are on a mission to make freelancing a serious and fulfilling career option for everyone.  Like many, I was offered little to no preparation for the world of work when I left Uni and so spent many years trying to make sense of the corporate world. I wish that […]

trail begins here

Does experience matter?

Even if you didn’t start your career as a freelance, you will probably remember (acutely) the feeling of disorientation as you learnt a new company language and culture. For many of us, that feeling would repeat as we moved companies and didn’t get much better as you became more senior. Each one of us begin […]

7 key trends for your freelance career

The seasoned freelancer always has a wary eye on what’s coming up over the horizon. Let’s face it though; many of us are hopping from one gig to the next without worrying too much about how we fit in as the world changes around us. So, we decided to do the homework for you, and […]

Post status status syndrome

Alex Butler asks what happens when you don’t have a job title. When you come into this wonderful world of freedom and control over your working life, you also have to leave some things behind.   Most people tell us that the most difficult transition is the move from status as defined by your job title […]

The Notrepreneurs

Alex Butler isn’t keen on the word entrepreneur. I’m going to come clean. I hate the term entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong.  I know many wonderful, talented, hard-working, generous entrepreneurs and it has been a privilege to see some of them become very successful indeed. It’s just that the term has become devalued.  I’d contend […]

In my own words: Sarah’s story.

Sarah Browning is a freelance internal communications specialist, and she loves to write!  She shares her story of independent working here, at KindredHQ. Best of all worlds It’s only been two years since I set up my internal communications firm, but I’ve learned more than I could have ever dreamed possible. From the mundane; to […]

Our top 10 free-agent gurus

Drum roll please!  Here’s the KindredHQ guide to the TOP 10 people who inspire us, make us laugh and remind ourselves not to take ourselves too seriously every day. At Number One:  it’s got to be Seth Godin hasn’t it?  Well he has written over 14 books (we’ve got most of them) including Tribes: We […]