Steve Lawson, Musician

Steve Lawson is a freelance musician, British solo electric bassist and looper. In this short film, Steve talks about why he thinks it’s easier to innovate when you don’t have to do it in the confines of a formal company structure.  We ask him:

  • What do you do?
  • Have you ever had a normal job?
  • How to make a freelance living?
  • What he thinks about generosity
  • Are there any downsides to working independently?

Steve has released a number of albums on his own Pillow Mountain label, including solo works and various duets. All of these feature the live looping of multiple layers of both traditional and unusual bass generated sounds. He has also toured with groups groups supporting Level 42 and 21st Century Schizoid Band, on shared bills with other solo artists, such as Michael Manring and as a duo with his wife, singer Lobelia. He is highly active and visible on the internet, interacting with fans and other musicians and using Twitter to promote his own career and the work of other independent musical acts. He co-hosts a forum with Michael Manring at and is a regular contributor to and Steve is also a music journalist, and was a regular contributor to Bassist and Guitarist Magazine, as well as writing for The Independent On Sunday, Third Way Magazine, Bass Player and Bass Guitar Magazine. He talks to KindredHQ about how he’s never known what it’s like to work in an office, how doing lots of things that you love doing is the way to make a life, how he’s found new advocates for his music through social media, and how the internet has changed his profession.

You’ll love his positive approach and if you want to continue the conversation…

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Listen to his tracks on

And here’s a link to his new album Believe in Peace

Track used in interview: Phunket Improv 2

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