10 excuses to go to Reasons to be Creative

With short deadlines, demanding clients and bills to pay, the cost of attending a creative inspirational event and taking a few days out of the office can be a big challenge.

Rob Chandler from Reasons to be Creative thinks you should take the time to go. Here are his 10 reasons why:

1.     Inspiration – this year has such an awesome line up of speakers – including Fabio Sasso @abduzeedo, Erik Spiekermann @espiekermann and Stefan Sagmeister @sagmeisterwalsh to name just 3 of the 30 plus speakers slated. Not often you’ll get such a line-up in one place

2.     Down time – when was the last time you took a few days out of the office to recharge your creative batteries? 3 days every year is what? 1% of your working time?

3.     Meeting up – if you’re part of a multi-national or a sole trader, making new connections or rekindling old is sooo important for so many reasons.

4.     Get stuff – this year we’re partnering up with a few v cool brands including Adobe, Moo and Red Bull to name a few, we don’t know what they will have (maybe nothing), but if they do it’ll be something cool – However. we do know that Moo are offering free mini-cards for all attendees!!!

5.     Brighton is such a cool place – We do love to be beside the seaside. Just imagine getting out of your steamy city centre and escape to the cool sea breeze… Trains, planes and automobile links are numerous and fast. Mmmmmm

6.     Learn stuff – as well as the main sessions where you’ll pick up hints & tips on all sorts of stuff, we also have three awesome workshops from Stefan Sagmeister, Brad Frost and Hellicar & Lewis – Stefan’s one is sold out, but a few tickets are still about for the other two.

7.     It’s fully curated – the sessions are all curated and no-one gets to be onstage unless they have passed John’s “Oh! that’s cool!” test.

8.     Be involved – we’re committed to opening the doors to like-minded types who want to get involved – The Elevator Pitches are our open mic speaker sessions, there are a few Fringe Events and this year we have a Start-Up Marketplace – a very low cost way to show cool kit off.

9.     See the new kids – we’re partnering with the Uni’s and colleges around the area to help promote their awesome grads. If you’re looking for new blood, it’s a good opportunity to meet some of the best.

10.  Mixing graphic, visual and coding in a creative pot – we’ve consciously not tagged sessions as “this” or “that”, as we really want you to stumble on subjects never considered before. Exploration and discovery is all part of the gig.

Rob Chandler @rob_chandler is the Commercial Chap at Reasons.to, Founder of Colour Nine, trainee comedian, inventor of “suidetarianism” and wriggly 8 year old in a 40 something’s body.

If you’d like more information or interested in being involved just email rob@reasons.to

For a full session listing, visit Reasons.to


In conjunction with Reasons.to, Kindred HQ has been able to obtain a limited number of discounted tickets to this year’s event.  Simply write to us at hello@kindredhq.com and we’ll furnish you with a lovely invitation code!



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