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‘Most of all, we want your time’, says Julia Krepska of Fcancer – a rather special kind of cancer charity.

We all want to give to cancer charities, but – unless we’re HM Queen Elizabeth or a Russian oligarch – we probably don’t have an inexhaustible supply of ready cash. But if you’re feeling bad about side-stepping the ‘chugger’ on the way to the tube, then worry no more as there’s an easy way to give to charities without even having to put your hand in your pocket.

If you’re part of Kindred HQ, then an hour of your time is almost certainly of great value, and thanks to new charity platform Fcancer, it couldn’t be easier, and there’s no need to make a regular commitment.

Set up in 2012 by a group of friends, all of whom were affected by a parent being diagnosed with cancer, Fcancer makes it easy for professionals to put their skills to genuinely good use by providing a platform that allows would-be volunteers and cancer charities to find each other.

It works a little like an online dating service. You make your profile, say what you’ve got to offer, and cancer charities do the same. Once a volunteer sees an opportunity that matches their skills set and that they can fit around their other projects, they just get in touch with the charity and take it from there.

The sort of projects on offer vary. Depending on your own expertise, you could find yourself designing a poster, managing volunteers or even leading some intrepid explorers up a mountain. It’s easy to juggle this sort of charity work with other responsibilities, and many of the projects can even be carried out from home.

With such a simple, yet effective model, it’s no wonder that the charity is already having quite an impact. So far they have 45 cancer charities registered on their platform and almost 22,000 hours pledged to their projects by over 1000 volunteers spanning five continents.

So far, through its volunteers, Fcancer is armed with 52 different volunteer skillsets, including photography, PR, design, communication and development and, so far it is estimated that Fcancer volunteers have saved cancer charities a cool £429,000 – Not bad for the first year of operation.

Because Fcancer gives charities access to talented professionals without having to dip into the funds already raised, charities are already clamouring to get involved. Big names such as Cancer Research and Sue Ryder are signed up, as are smaller, community-based cancer charities such as the Wessex Cancer Trust and The Haven in London. And of course, the money they don’t spend on accessing professional and creative services because they’ve been able to get them completely free-of-charge on Fcancer, they can reinvest in doing what they do best – fighting cancer.

Ready to go?  You can sign up now on the Fcancer platform.


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