Playlist of the Week #9

Our friends at have come up trumps with another very cool playlist of the week, this time from DaveHate.  He describes himself and his music here in his own words.
“My name is Dave Haight (Dave Hate) and I am a turntablist/producer.
I am from Southern California and I got my start with hiphop in the early 90s as a grafitti artist when I listened to boombap/jazz.  As time progressed I ventured into djing as a better way to stay out of trouble.  The djing quickly evolved into turntablism (the musical art of using turntable/vinyl as an instrument.  I learnt and studied from artists like DJqbert, Wes Montgomery, Rocraida, Roy Ayers, Bob James, Beat Junkies, ISP etc. I began making loops to scratch to  just for practice and they consisted of simple drum loops and that evolved into full production.  oday I still djing today because I love it and it’s were I started from.  I’m mixing more jazz/funk/breaks now and not as much hiphop unless its intelligent art and I think real hiphop has been used and exploited so poorly in the last decade.
I hope my work can keep the true art form evolving and hope all who listen will appreciate the work I do and the awesome artists that i sample.  Peace and blessings to all fighting the good fight for real music.”
Have a listen right here!  And if you like this, check out more of Dave Hate’s music at  Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for future Playlists of the Week.

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