At KindredHQ, we believe that we independents should be able to have access to all the support and resources that you’d have if you worked for big business. So, we’ve been all over the place sourcing cool things for you and your business, and we’ve tried most of them for ourselves.  We’ve started with some of our favourites. And of course, if you are a member of KindredHQ, you’ll be able to get discounts and special offers on many of these items.  We never, ever recommend a product unless we’ve tried it.

Your desk

Who says that you always have to be in one place?  We think your desk can be just about anywhere you want it to be.  Here are some of the ideas and interesting co-working ideas that we’ve come across.

Your finance and legal department

Keeping track of your finance and staying legal s is critical for independent, freelance workers.  There are some amazing tools and techniques that make that a doddle.  Even for those of us who hate the thought of financial admin and contract negotiation. We share our favourites here.

The Stationery Cupboard and the bookshelf

Face it.  One of the things you miss if you aren’t employed is the stationery cupboard.  Printing, paperclips and pens on tap.  Here are some of our favourite books and stationery ideas.

Your IT and web team

You took it for granted if you worked in an office, but for the independent worker, good IT support is really, really critical.  We share DIY tips and tools that we love here and if you’d rather get the IT team in, we’ve got some suggestions too.

Your Marketing team

Promoting you and your brand is even more important when you work for yourself.  We’ve got some ideas and tools to help you.

Your HR Department

Working for yourself means that now you’re responsible for your own training and development.  It’s up to you to bring the work in and make sure that you are in tip-top form.  Here are some resources to help you.

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Latest offers for Members

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