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To access our premium content, you need to be a KindredHQ member. Kindred Connections and Kindred Spirits, offer two levels of membership, giving you access to our subscriber-only content, including news, analysis, interviews, courses, special offers, events, articles and much more. We’ve partnered with a number of great organisations that offer legal, marketing, bookkeeping and coworking to help you be a super professional freelancer!

Our member community is designed to be supportive and inclusive.   Remember.  We’ve been there too, and we know exactly what it’s like when you are just starting out as an independent worker and or thinking about it.  So we like you to get stuck in, offering your help to other members.  You can be sure that you will get plenty back in return.


Kindred Connection

£5/ MO or (£60 pa inc VAT)
      • Free Co-working events (usually £6 per event) for Members
      • Monthly members’ newsletter with competitions, members news and other stuff we’ve dug up for independent working types.
      • 10% off our paid for events
      • 10% discount on Free Agent accountancy packages for Members.

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Kindred Spirits

£10/ MO or (£120 pa inc VAT)

Special introductory offer! Your first month FREE.

  • Members only private Facebook group – where you can access the collective wisdom of the KindredHQ network.
  • Notification of relevant independent working opportunities (where available)
  • Access to new services and products designed for KindredHQ members
  • Discounts, offers and competitions from our partners
  • 25% KindredHQ paid events
  • 25% off KindredHQ courses
  • Free co-working events
  • Ask an expert.  Submit your plan/idea for expert opinion and we will find it!
  • Kindred Spirits Members annual Party.

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