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KindredHQ members can participate for half price at £5 per session.  Next session Saturday 17th November.

We’ve written so many times about the blockages that stop you from being totally amazing when you are working for yourself.  Procrastination, fear, lack of confidence.  We’ve all been there.

So when one of our KindredHQ members told us about Jurgen Wolff’s Massive Action Days, it seemed like something worth looking at.

MAD is different from any other day – even the chokka, well busy ones.  The idea is that every hour on the hour all the participants have a chance to set a goal for the next 60 minutes and share it in a chat window on Jurgen’s website.  What you decide to do is up to you.   Because it isn’t always about getting that client project finished, you might choose anything really.  Just not having fixed that light in the bathroom might be irritating you so much that it’s holding you back.  So, choose that!   Anything.  As long as you put all your energy into achieving as much as you can within the time frame.

What really works is the fact that you know there are all these people, all over the world setting themselves similar goals.  There’s no letting the side down.  You can choose to tackle a biggie goal, or chunk it up into more manageable bits.

At the top of each hour, Jurgen pops up on video to offer solace and encouragement and a few tips.

The next MAD is on Saturday, November 17, and the price for individual MADs is £10 per session (that’s $15.70 or €12).  KindredHQ members get a 50% discount making it £5 per session.

More about Jurgen Wolff:

Jurgen Wolff is a prolific writer and writing coach. In addition to teaching creativity techniques, he applies his own creativity to writing for television and film. He has written the feature film, “The Real Howard Spitz” (starring Kelsey Grammer of “Frasier” and Amanda Donohoe), and over 100 hours of episodes for many television series, including “Benson,” “Family Ties,” “The Love Boat,” and “Relic Hunter.” He wrote two ABC TV movies for the Olsen Twins, the miniseries, “Midnight Man” (starring Rob Lowe), and his original animated series, “Norman Normal.”He has written award-winning short films for Walt Disney Productions.

He has written for many newspapers and magazines, including the San Francisco Chronicle, The Times Educational Supplement, The Los Angeles Times, Rock Magazine, Writer’s Digest, Leading Edge, The British-American, and Comedy Review. He was the publisher and editor of Brainstorm, the Creativity Newsletter, for ten years (it now continues as an online publication).

His fiction has appeared in the London Evening News, Gent, Sprint, and the Readers Digest Schools Program.

His books include “Your Creative Writing Masterclass” (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2012, Creativity Now!” (Pearson, 2011), Focus: Use the Power of Targeted Thinking to Get More Done(Pearson 2010), “Marketing for Entrepreneurs,” (Pearson 2009), Your Writing Coach: From Concept to Character, from Pitch to Publication – Everything You Need to Know About Writing Novels, Non-fiction, New Media, Scripts and Short Stories (Nicholas Brealey, 2007; 2nd ed. 2012), “Do Something Different,” published by Virgin Books, 2005, “Successful Sitcom Writing” (St. Martin’s Press) and as co-author, “Successful Scriptwriting,” and “Top Secrets: Screenwriting” (Lone Eagle Books). He is also the author/narrator of the CD, “Power Trances.” His new line of ebooks, the Hot Coffee series, will debut later in 2012.

For Capital Radio, he wrote 45 episodes in the “Moments of Terror” series. His plays have been produced in London, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen.

He teaches creativity workshops around the world for organizations including the Academy for Chief Executives, the University of Barcelona, the Pilots Programme, the Bertelsmann Foundation, film schools in Cologne, Berlin, and Munich, and many others, and was a lecturer at the University of Southern California at Los Angeles. He is a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

He divides his time between London and Southern California.

If you want to have Jurgen run a workshop, deliver a keynote address, or consult on your project, email him at


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