KindredHQ Jelly on the Telly!

We couldn’t resist sharing our first KindredHQ TV appearance with you all. Our good friend @LJRich asked if she could come down to C4CC and film some of the folk at our Jelly session.

The piece which appeared on @BBCClick discusses the topic of online influence scores such as Klout and Kred, and their potential to affect the way we are treated by brands and companies in the future. As many of the extended KindredHQ family are keen social media users it’s something that interests us, and LJ discusses the key points that might affect us all in the future.

The #KindredJelly gang appear from around the 1min 30 secs mark through to the end of the piece. We’re all hamming it up for the camera as much as possible of course, so please laugh along with us not at us!

Watch on iPlayer

We run Jelly on a regular basis and all sorts of crazy things happen, so do come along and join us next time you fancy mixing and working with other like minded folk. Take a look at our events page for details.

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