The Kindred Sessions | Meet Andrew Walker

At Huckletree on May 14th at 6.30pm.

In the first of our new series, the Kindred Sessions, we introduce you to Andrew Walker, who started out as a game developer in a bubble agency, then built his own creative agency and two successful tech companies.

He is the author of “ScrewProof: Doing deals that won’t f*ck up” and he runs a website and podcast series called that explores the way we make decisions.  He’s written for blogs, magazines and newspapers about new technologies & their impact on culture, economics and politics.

You can see him in action for yourself at Huckletree, where he’ll be involving the audience in his own inimitable way, in an interactive, games filled evening.

Here’s why it’s worth joining us for the evening:

  • You are considering working for yourself and you want to learn about the highs and lows of the journey
  • You’d love to meet some like minded people who work for themselves
  • You think Andrew sounds like a good egg.
  • There’s beer and nibbles
  • You want to avoid making the same mistakes
  • You want a sneak peek at the lovely Huckletree coworking space.


About Andrew Walker

In 1998 Andrew started his own successful creative agency (Thin Martian), more recently he was CEO of a data mining start-up (Semetric / MusicMetric), a partner in a social media product placement company (Social Placement) and co-founded social media news feed company Tweetminster.

He was the first person to interview a UK opposition party leader on Twitter, the first person to interview a serving UK Prime Minister on Twitter, has written and created ad campaigns, created data mining systems, helped set-up the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), reported on elections for the BBC, been the social media rent-a-pundit on TV and radio news & written features in newspapers and magazines.

Over the last 15 years he’s closed deals with big OEM brands (like Hewlett Packard, Nokia, Vodafone, and Xbox); public institutions (like The Commonwealth and the UK Parliament); charities (like the NSPCC and Oxfam); publishers and media organisations (The Independent, The Guardian, BBC, BSkyB); angel investors, venture capitalists and start-ups.

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday 14th May 2014
  • Venue: Huckletree Coworking,
  • Timings: 6.30 pm arrival for 7 pm start
  • Networking:  Until 9pm

The Kindred Sessions

This event is part of our ongoing series, the Kindred Sessions, in which we aim to inspire you to do more and make a living doing the things you love – whether you work for yourself, or you aspire to.

We’ll introduce you to some incredibly talented people who simply don’t fit into a nice box with a job title label. You’ll find inspiration and camaraderie from our speakers and guests, as well as some takeaway nuggets that you can put to work in your own business or projects.

About KindredHQ

KindredHQ is a global membership community of people who work for themselves or aspire to. We passionately believe that people should be able to work their way. We think that there is a new working revolution, and that freelancing should be the career of choice.  We’re here to give you the platform and the support to help you work your way.

We have hosted over 150 events in London, from pop up coworking groups, to lunchtime Sandwich Sessions, training days and regular networking evenings.

About Huckletree

logoBased in Clerkenwell, on the doorstep of East London’s Tech City, Huckletree is a creative coworking space and collaborative ecosystem built around a network of innovative startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Huckletree workspaces are chosen for their strong natural light and efficient windows; thus reducing our energy consumption and increasing our wellbeing.

Attend the talk and you’ll be eligible for a free trial of the space and an introductory membership offer.
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Who is Alex Butler

Hello, I'm Alex Butler and I founded the KindredHQ community and blog back in 2011 after I re-started a freelance career. I LOVE freelancing and I wouldn't swop the freedom, control and joy of working for myself for anything. But I realised how much I missed the company and energy of other people - of having a team around me. So, I got a few people together one day with our laptops, a jar of coffee and some jelly babies and we sat and worked together one afternoon. We've been doing that every week in London, UK since then! I am still 100% freelance and I like to share the everyday highs and lows of being a freelancer here on the blog.

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