Kevin Meredith aka lomokev

Kevin used to be a web developer then took the plunge and followed his passion to become a photographer. Using the power of social media (and his incredible skills) he carved out a name for himself on and soon turned his passion into a profession.

Kevin isn’t just a ninja behind the camera, he also teaches, guest lectures at events and for companies such as Google, and has also published 3 books of his photos. You might even see his unique photography on business cards!

An interesting and slightly scary fact about Kevin is that you can find him taking a swim in the icey English channel off Brighton beach almost every morning (including winter!).


  1. How did you become a freelance Photographer?
  2. Can you make money from your passion?
  3. When was your first paid gig?
  4. Has the internet changed your industry?
  5. How do you stand out from the crowd?
  6. How do you use social media?
  7. Tell us about your photography adventures.
  8. Does work ever get too hard?
  9. Any tips for people wanting to go freelance?
  10. What’s the best thing about working for yourself?

Useful links:

Photography: Kevin Meredith
Film: Max Mallen
Music: Michael Edge


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