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The Greeks had a word – eudaimonia – which translates to ‘the good life’. More specifically, they described the good life as ‘…rich with relationships, ideas, emotion, health and vigor, recognition and contribution, passion and fulfillment, and great accomplishment and enduring achievement.” Alex Hillman of Indy Hall coworking space in Philadelphia knows that is the secret to building great coworking communities and he’s coming to the UK for the ‘Better Work Tour’, organised by Desk Union.

Desk Union is responsible for the organisation of the tour which is an exclusive event which provides a wonderful opportunity to learn about the topics of coworking and community building. It all takes place at the Rich Mix Cultural Foundation in London on 5 November 2013. For those not familiar with Alex, founder of Indy Hall, he is a globally recognised specialist in coworking, collaboration, and community building for businesses and cities. He teaches the Community Builders Masterclass, an intensive program to help people develop professional community-building skills. He is also the co-founder of DynamicWear, which enables its customers to easily sell t-shirts on their own store, alongside their own items, without worrying about the complications and costs associated with managing your own t-shirt inventory.

Victoria Arnold
Victoria Arnold of Desk Union

The event is described as a hands-on learning opportunity forming part of Alex’s ‘Better Work Tour’; an international educational series about the future of work and collaboration.

Tickets are now available through the eventbrite website. You can join one or both sessions: a breakfast seminar for approx 120 people, followed by a more intimate problem-solving workshop for just 20 fortunate delegates who will have the opportunity to solve problems and obtain direct, personal feedback about their project or idea. This is a rare opportunity to gain practical and actionable advice for increasing the success of community efforts.

If you have any questions please email our friends at Desk Union on


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