FreeAgent – The freelancer’s accounting package

FreeAgent.  We love ’em.  One of the few companies out there who really understand freelancers and independents.

FreeAgent is designed specifically to meet the needs of freelancers and small business owners, as well as accountants working to support us.

For freelancers and small businesses FreeAgent’s online accounting system helps to give users a clear picture of their financial position, and puts them firmly in control of their finances.  Hosted ‘in the cloud’, the system is accessible around the clock from any internet connection, which is ideal for the way many small business owners and freelancers work.  Far more intuitive and accessible than conventional accounting software, FreeAgent enables users to send invoices, track time and expenses as well as monitor the financial health of their business and manage projects and payments. Uniquely it also automatically prepares and files VAT returns, forecasts self-assessed income tax and corporation tax liabilities and helps manage payroll.

freeagentFor accountants, FreeAgent frees-up time to focus on adding value to their customers’ businesses by enabling real-time collaboration between accountant and client. The system provides an easy way for clients to record transactions and keep their finances up-to-date, which the accountant can see at any time. It eliminates many low value, time-consuming processes so enables the accountant to focus on where they add most value. For example FreeAgent’s ‘Alerts’ function allows accountants to set-up customised alerts to automatically monitor their clients’ accounts for activity that may warrant closer examination.

To be honest, we’ve tried many online accountancy systems out and we don’t think there is a simpler system.  So we’re happy to recommend FreeAgent and if you want to find out for yourself, they’ll give you a months free trial and a 10% discount.

To take advantage of our special 10% discount forever, plus a month free, just sign up to KindredHQ members and you will have access to all our other discounts and offers too!

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