Etsy’s glittery guide to Christmas

This week, we’re partnering with Etsy to help the makers and designers amongst you  plan your Christmas merchandising. And…you can open a shop for free!

‘As things ramp up for the busy Christmas season here at Etsy, we’re excited to share our 2013 Christmas Merchandising Guide with KindredHQ. This comprehensive report is intended to provide informational and planning resources for the holidays.

Throughout the guide, you’ll find information around key marketing campaigns, strategies for promotion, as well as our forecast for 2013 holiday trends. You’ll also see an overview of popular item categories and tips for merchandising your existing products to make them appealing to holiday shoppers.

While reading, think about how you can use your own artistic voice to infuse these merchandising themes.

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Connect Your Product to Potential Customers

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Generally speaking, shoppers are looking for gifts by type, price and recipient — or some combination of all three. To capture their attention in your item descriptions, emphasize why your item would make a great gift based on their needs and highlight examples of potential recipients in your product descriptions.

Gifts by Type: Help shoppers understand how your line of products fits into their gift list by describing the types of categories they’re looking for. Major shopping categories typically fit into one of these groupings:

·       Decor and Entertaining

·       Gadgets and Games

·       Useful and Utilitarian

·       Personalization

·       Keepsakes

·       Novelty and Stocking Stuffers

·       Favors and Thank Yous

Gifts by Price: Having a range of price points in your shop will allow you to expand your target market. Empower shoppers to meet their budgeting goals by grouping your products into popular buckets:

·       Under $25

·       Under $50

·       Under $100

·       Noteworthy & Luxury

Gifts by Recipient: Help shoppers check off everyone on their list by describing the type of person (or groups of people) your item would make a great gift for and why. The majority of gift recipients fit into one of the following categories:

·       Men

·       Women

·       Parents

·       Grandparents

·       Teens

·       Children and Babies

·       Hosts and Hostesses

·       Coworkers and Bosses

·       Extended Family

·       Friends and Acquaintances

·       Workforce (teachers, postal workers, babysitters and more)

Check the Forecast: 2013 Trends

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Holiday Trends:

·       Personalization

·       Glitz and Shimmer

·       Pictures, Photos and Portraits

·       Greeting Cards and 2014 Calendars

·       Gadget Cases and Accessories

·       Seasonal and Holiday Home Decor

·       Hostess and Entertaining Solutions

·       Wine & Spirits Carriers and Accessories

·       Holiday Fashion and Accessories

·       Winter Fashion Accessories

·       Cocktail and Statement Jewelry

·       Stocking Stuffers, Gag Gifts and Novelties

·       Bath, Beauty and Edible Gift Sets

·       Woodland Animals

·       DIY Kits

Don’t have an Etsy shop yet? KindredHQ people can open a shop for free and use the glittery season to make some extra money, instead of spending it all!



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