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Desk of the Week: The Composer

You will have heard Richard Canavan, or at least, his music. He creates award winning music for film and TV. Oh, and he’s an independent – with a desk. Here’s his desk-story.

‘As a composer, I’m pretty much tied to my desk for work. If I’m not here, then I can’t really get any composing done. There are a lot of other aspects to the job that can be completed remotely, but for me if I’m at my desk, I’m at work. This goes both ways though, and I do find it a benefit to helping switch off when I’m not working.Richard Canavan

From here I can complete all of my day to day work. I write and record here, although if there is any kind of budget attached to a project then I tend to get out and go to a good studio to record in with great session musicians.

Last week I had two recording sessions with an orchestra in Macedonia, which I connected to remotely from here (and once from Air Studios). I speak (though Skype) to the conductor and I see a live video stream of the players in the studio. The audio comes though as a live high quality stream, meaning I can listen and give notes instantly.

Like most freelancers I spend a lot of time at my desk working away on my own. I think as the technology has developed over the past 15 years it has lead to an increase in isolation among freelancers – all working together, on their own. But more recently technology is beginning to help us work together and share ideas in ways that were never possible before. I may be alone in my studio, but while working on a project I can speak to so many people during the day, and achieve amazing things with the help of so many talented contributors – without even leaving my seat!

So thats my desk. It’s in the same place everyday, and I can’t really take it to the park or on the train. But I don’t mind too much. I like it here.’

Richard Canavan is a Composer of Music for Film and Television based in London.
You’ll find him at and on Twitter @RichCanavan

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