Desk of the Week #16

Before anyone asks, his name is Yogi; he likes chicken, long walks, and distractingly slobbering over keyboards.

Whilst sitting here, with Yogi laying beside me, and birds joyfully twittering above me, I can’t help but wonder where I’d be, and what I’d be doing, if I had a 9-5 office job. No doubt, I’d have a three walled cubical, in an office with recycled air, in some nondescript building somewhere in the city. Then again… I can’t personally comment on working a ‘typical’ day. I’d rather speak to people and help to develop a concept that’s been floating around their head for far too long: than network with companies and follow a Long Term Development plan.

Don’t get me wrong, working independently has never been an excuse for erratic practice, it’s just my way of putting the human back into man-power, and making connections with people and share expertise. Well, that, and being able to work in places where I can feel and hear the air, and know that Yogi and I can wonder around to work-through ideas or explore the flora — doesn’t hurt either.

There’s a reason why I come here – and sit on this log – its almost become tradition at this point. It’s my chance to take a deep breath, think, discard old ideas, and then throw myself into something new. This time, the new project is working with  KindredHQ, which means events at the headquarters are going to be stepping up a gear.

Every week there will be more interviews, features, videos, and great conversations for all Kindred Spirits to enjoy: as well as loads of exciting new happenings, which I can’t reveal just yet. The next couple of months are going to be amazing for anyone who wants to take control of their life, and work… but for now, enjoy your weekend. Yogi and I are going to sit back and enjoy nature. If you ever want to contact me, or want to suggest ways that we can make Kindred even better, then email at: .

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