Desk of the week #7

San Sharma, community manager at mobile app WorkSnug and business support company Enterprise Nation, shares his desk – or café table! – with us this week.

“I split my week between the WorkSnug office, my own home office and various coffee shops around town. I even work on the bus, if I need to! So, basically, I work wherever there’s a connection: everywhere is my desk!

“My trusted ally is my MacBook Air, which pretty much goes with me everywhere, though I can do a bit of work on my iPhone too. Because almost all of my work is stored in the Cloud, it’s easy for me to pick up where I left off, wherever I am.”

If you’re wondering where this photo was taken, it was at The Book Club in Shoreditch, where you’ll often find San, hunched over his MacBook and a black Americano.

You can follow San @sansharma on Twitter

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