Desk of the week #2

We couldn’t resist featuring this as our second desk of the week. In true Digital Nomad style, was finished whilst travelling round Europe and this was my temporary desk in a Dublin hotel.

Most of the time my desk is basically wherever I am, or wherever I feel like hanging out. I try to keep all my files, emails and calendars in the cloud using tools like Dropbox and Google Docs so I can just open my laptop and get on with things.

For me, variety is very important. Sometimes I work from home, sometimes from a coffee shop or hotel, a co-working space or even the pub! I think one of the greatest joys of free-working is that we can break out of the traditional office environment constraints and design our own inspirational places to work, create and collaborate.

I’m also very proud that and our first email newsletter were both launched from an iPhone whilst eating sliders at an American diner in central Dublin. I find it amazing that this is possible and we can be so creative with our working environments. These days, all you need is wifi (and a bit of love of course).

Don’t forget we’re looking for more desks! If you’d like to submit your own then please drop us a line at

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