18 ways to make co-working more interesting

Here’s our tribute to the brilliant ‘28 ways to make meetings more interesting’ courtesy of Maggie Richards, co-founder of The English Writers

  1. Mid client-call, get up and place your headphones firmly on your neighbour and say ‘You take over, John. It’s all yours. Seal the deal!’
  2. Mime sssh! disapprovingly whenever the person sat next to you speaks. Or moves.
  3. When a client rings, acquire an expression of terror, grab a passer by, push your phone into their hand squeaking ‘I can’t answer it. You do it for me. PLEASE!’
  4. Organise for a surprise birthday boob cake with candles to arrive for a client. Get everyone around to loudly sing happy birthday.
  5. Get everyone to form two rows, tallest at the back, and sing the theme tune to Countdown.
  6. Spit out your coffee, grab your throat, stick out your tongue and make gagging noises while slowly pushing your cup towards the person next to you, whispering conspiratorially ‘They’re trying to poison me.’
  7. Make the sound of a phone ringing, then tut that it’s not being answered.
  8. Line up your cutlery one above the other vertically in the spot between you and the stranger beside you. When they lean or hover a body part within centimetres of the line, cross your arms, cough forcefully, and gesture dramatically with your head at the cutlery.
  9. Read out loud as you type an email.
  10. Write on the back of a paper napkin: ‘I need work. You got some work? Call me.’ Fold into an aeroplane and aim at random.
  11. Get possessive over the free water jug.
  12. Imitate the sound of a phone ringing then shout ‘Can someone get that for me, please?!’
  13. Build a pyramid from empty sandwich packaging. When someone knocks it accidentally, stand up fast and wail ‘Right! That’s IT. I can’t work here a second longer. No-one respects my boundaries. I QUIT!’
  14. Start a Mexican wave every time you meet a deadline.
  15. When a client or associates arrives, stay silent and don’t move. After 20 seconds drop to the ground and kiss their shoes exclaiming ‘I’m SO glad you came!’
  16. Take off one item of clothing every 13 minutes until down to your underwear. If someone makes a face, say: ‘What? It’s hot in here.’
  17. When a stranger catches your eye, blow them a kiss and suggestively mouth ‘I love you’ while pointing at them.
  18. Invite your neighbour to a party.  A party in your pants.

Image courtesy of Life-Cubed

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