Christmas at KindredHQ: Gifts for Freelancers

So, that time of the year is almost upon us, and it’s almost time to start being concerned about gifts not being bought, and we’re all well aware of the stress that the Holiday Season can bring. There are so many options out there, but which do you pick? And how do you fight off the urge to gift out vouchers to your nearest and dearest?

At KindredHQ we may not be brilliant at recommendations for your mother, but we sure do know what Freelancers would love at this time of year…

Grid it Organiser 

If you’re not working at your own desk everyday, you’ll probably have a lot of stuff to lug around. When you add stationary, an assortment of tech, in addition to your laptop, well then things can get bulky and awkward.

Grid it, is a brilliantly simple solution, a case which adapts to your stuff. With its lattice-like design, Grid it holds onto all your gadgets, gizmos, bits and pieces, meaning that you’ll never have to dive intrepidly into your bag only to find that all your cables and devices have tangled themselves into a single object. The perfect practical gift for this holiday.

Gaspar Leather Touchscreen Gloves 

So you’ve layered up, stepped outside, and then your phone goes off. What do you do? Leave it irritatingly vibrating in your pocket? Or remove your gloves, hastily answer it, and then desperately try to find some source of heat? Well no longer!Along with the joys of Christmas comes the bitter chill of Winter. A season when every step outside requires an expedition level of clothing to fend off the wind, rain and (if we’re lucky) snow.

Gaspar Gloves makes gloves which come equipped with tactile, touch-screen compatible areas. Not only are they the most attractive range of touch friendly gloves but, they also provide comfort and warmth — even if they do cost between £100 and £220.

Evernote Moleskin 

Artists, business people and freelancers of all professions have been using Moleskin notebooks for years. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find a freelancers who hasn’t – at least – heard of Evernote, so what happens when you put them together? You get a modern and stylish notebook, combined with archiving of your pages, tagging (of the digital and analogue kinds), and pretty impressive text recognition.


Christmas is truly the time of year for giving, especially to people who maybe are a little bit less well off than yourself.

Kiva is a charity with a difference. A way to donate and make yourself feel all warm and fuzzy without leaving your desk. Unlike other charities 100% of your donation goes to those who need it, but that’s not the best bit. You get to decide who receives your donation, and for what, from a selection of thousands of recipients — all over the world.

Rather than purely giving, you loan to people who want to start up a business, help their community, allow their children to receive an education, or many other causes. And when they pay the money back, you can either withdraw your funds – knowing that you helped someone – or invest in another, business, family or person. It’s ethical donation for the 21st century and it can’t help but make everyone smile.

Graze Box

In addition to the Evernote/Moleskin branded notebook, you also get 3 months free of Evernote Premium — Evernote’s: faster, smarter, more secure and higher-capacity older brother. A perfect gift for your disorganised (or organised) buddy.

If you’re busy, running around, starting early – possibly darting between offices and desks – then it’s so easy to forget to breakfast, even eat at all , until you reach the cliff and just crash.

So what if you had a box of food – something light, healthy and snack-able – delivered to you every morning, regardless of where you’re working that day? Well that’s Graze, a little box of selectable, healthy goodness, with no preparation and no work.

Graze offers dozens of options, from fresh bread to dips and sides, all choosable by your gift recipient (making this the perfect gift if you don’t know the receiver’s taste. Oh, and they’re only 150 calories a box.) You can even buy in batches of 50, keeping your loved freelancer in nibbles ‘till next December.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years



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