Penelope. Your own receptionist.

Picture this. The business is starting to take off. And you are running around like a mad thing trying to keep all your clients happy. You become obsessed with not missing a call, but you simply can’t do everything. Help is at hand. Because we’ve teamed up with Penelope, a nifty little service from Moneypenny. […]

Consider yourself at home

Spare a thought for the people who work hard to make hubs a home.  This week’s guest post is from Anna Levy, host at Hub Islington a well-known coworking space in London Freelancing can be a lonely game. Sitting at home in your living room with only your MacBook and cat for company can drive […]

Liberate your desk!

We’re living in an exciting time, with more potential for flexibility in our working lives than we’ve ever known before. The tools we use for browsing the web and keeping up with friends can also let us choose the way we work – but only if we grab that freedom with both hands and make […]

Create an inspiring home workplace

Judy Heminsley the author of Work from Home and founder of shares her secrets on creating an inspiring home workplace… The perfect home workspace? I’ve noticed that articles about home working usually insist you must have a separate workspace, to mark the distinction between work and home. Having spoken to many home workers with all kinds […]