Protecting your precious ideas.

For many independents and freelancers, your intellectual property is your biggest asset. In Part 4 of our series, ‘Your Flying Start in Freelancing’ Albert Marshall of Marshall Media explains how you can protect your ideas without breaking the bank. Albert has over twelve years experience in the games industry working for world-famous games companies, both […]

Desk of the Week: The Ideas Man

Shed Simove is a comedian, entrepreneur, author, and corporate speaker. He is an expert in ideas and can help you make your ideas happen. Shed believes that “when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures – if you follow the idea through…”.  ‘I spend so much of my time […]

RAF Airman. Free agent.

Until recently, Alex Ford was known to many as RAFAirman, blogging from Afghanistan, opening up the reality of the conflict in a very human way. He’s just left the RAF after a long career.  We join him as he embarks on his new life as a free agent. “It took him an absolute age to […]

In my own words: Sarah’s story.

Sarah Browning is a freelance internal communications specialist, and she loves to write!  She shares her story of independent working here, at KindredHQ. Best of all worlds It’s only been two years since I set up my internal communications firm, but I’ve learned more than I could have ever dreamed possible. From the mundane; to […]

Steve Lawson, Musician

Steve Lawson is a freelance musician, British solo electric bassist and looper. In this short film, Steve talks about why he thinks it’s easier to innovate when you don’t have to do it in the confines of a formal company structure.  We ask him: What do you do? Have you ever had a normal job? […]

Stories of Soho

In this latest highly absorbing personal story, we introduce the talented diarist and author, Clayton Littlewood. KindredHQ catches up with Clayton in sunny Soho to hear his personal stories of freestyle life in London’s Soho.  The interview starts with an answer to the question many of us have always wanted to know: ‘What is the […]

John Grant, Author and Founder of Ecoinomy

Alex Butler of KindredHQ meets John Grant, author of Co-opportunity (January 2010) and the award winning ‘Green Marketing Manifesto’ (October 2007), and three previous books. In this extraordinary interview, John talks about: How we are organising ourselves to adapt to the new world – his take on creative co-operation. How he keeps learning Why he […]

The Yoga Teacher

Johanna Grundy has been practising yoga since 1997 and is trained as an Akhanda Yoga Teacher, graduating from World Conscious Yoga Family in Rishikesh, India. She specializes in yoga mother and babies and she teaches from a beautiful studio in West London. She talks to KindredHQ about her life as a dancer, including a stint […]

The Nutritional Therapist

Emily Fawell’s inspiring story is a must watch for anyone who is sitting in a job wondering whether there is more to life.  In this revealing conversation, Emily ask us to imagine not experiencing the thrill of doing something that you love and making that your day job.  Her honesty and practical advice for anyone […]

Carole Ann Rice – Life Coach and Author

KindredHQ caught up with Carole Ann Rice, who is one of the UK’s leading life coaches.  She spoke to us about the changes that she sees in the way people want to live their lives, and how people are seeking more freedom and creativity from their careers. We asked her: What effect the economic downturn […]

Andy Gibson, Social Entrepreneur

Andy Gibson is a social entrepreneur, campaigner and consultant specialising in social technology for social impact. In this short film, he reveals just how difficult choosing the path of business for social good can be.  Kindredhq asked him: What is the reality of working as a social entrepreneur? When life gets tough, what do you […]

Steve Hutson, Superstar(s)

Starting from his first job in his parents’ fish ‘n’ chip shop, Steve has held the same principles throughout his career in digital and creative recruitment: build a great team, provide great quality and enjoy a great laugh that lets people feel they’re part of a family. It was these principles that led him to co-found Superstars, a recruitment […]

Kevin Meredith aka lomokev

Kevin used to be a web developer then took the plunge and followed his passion to become a photographer. Using the power of social media (and his incredible skills) he carved out a name for himself on and soon turned his passion into a profession. Kevin isn’t just a ninja behind the camera, he […]