16 inspiring ways to learn for free

If you are going to compete on an open playing field with bigger companies for business, you need to stay on top of your game. But you probably haven’t considered a training budget, have you? As luck would have it, there’s a heap of free and cost effective ways to get yourself trained up to […]

6 ways to be paid what you are worth

It’s an art that every freelancer has to learn from the first day that you accept a client job, but even the very experienced and long in the tooth find the process of setting your worth difficult and rather nerve wracking. Many of us are not born for this part. Trust me, this goes right […]

It takes all sorts

Are freelancers and independents simply a bunch of misfits?  Well yes and no.  But we’re happy like that, aren’t we? We are continually amazed at the sheer diversity of freelance talent around us here at KindredHQ. Is there anything that binds us together?  We wondered what would happen if you were recruiting for someone with […]

Days like this

It’s not like us to be all doom and gloom, but some days, it takes 200% more effort to get out of bed and make an impact on the world, and that’s especially true when the weather isn’t playing ball.  If you live in the UK, you will know all about it. We’ve had a […]

Testing times

Getting to know your ideal working patterns and learning how to adapt your communication style is so important for freelancers and independents. We know how easy it is to become introspective and lose sight of the very aspects of your personality that you can draw on when you work for yourself, and spend a lot […]

Massive action

KindredHQ members can participate for half price at £5 per session.  Next session Saturday 17th November. We’ve written so many times about the blockages that stop you from being totally amazing when you are working for yourself.  Procrastination, fear, lack of confidence.  We’ve all been there. So when one of our KindredHQ members told us […]

Telling your story

A funny thing happened recently.  I was asked for a recent copy of my CV (that’s resume for our US readers!) If you are freelance, you probably can’t remember the last time you were asked for your resume.  It’s much more likely that you have been asked for your Linkedin profile, or a link to […]

Getting back to you.

Alex Butler ponders the after effects of redundancy and wonders why more people don’t choose to go freelance. Do you remember your first meeting with a career consultant, probably back at school?  Mine was a funny affair.  In a high achieving school, let’s say I wasn’t in the Top 10 percent for exam grades.  I […]

Coaching for free spirits

Are you setting out on a freelance or independent career? Setting up a business doing what you love? Do you sometimes lose your confidence in your ability to go it alone?  We’ve all been there too! At KindredHQ, we know exactly how that feels, because we’re doing it too.  So we know that you’re going […]

Today was a bad day

There it is, I said it, and yes it was most definitely a bad day. I’d be comfortable having a little moan about this to close friends, but it’s not really something to blurt out on your own very public blog, is it? I really don’t want to go into the details, but the thing […]

How to Avoid Procrastination

Some top tips from Carole Ann Rice… Is there something in your life you keep putting off?  Do you find yourself needlessly surfing the net, watching Jeremy Kyle or eating direct from the fridge to avoid something? Perhaps you are trying to ignore that difficult phone call, tacking your tax return or studying your last […]