Brand new pop up coworking in Reading!

Brand new to KindredHQ’s pop up coworking events, we’re pleased to announce a new group at Reading Business Centre in the centre of Reading! With spectacular views and great company, this is a fantastic way to be productive and to make new connections. Join Sarah Browning and other like minded freelancers, independents and freespirits for […]

16 inspiring ways to learn for free

If you are going to compete on an open playing field with bigger companies for business, you need to stay on top of your game. But you probably haven’t considered a training budget, have you? As luck would have it, there’s a heap of free and cost effective ways to get yourself trained up to […]

How to find extra freelance income

Being your own boss is the business. But of course, working independently means periods without any guaranteed work. We’ve talked about how you can deal with the fallow periods when there isn’t a steady stream of client work, but what if you could bring in extra income that doesn’t rely on your time? Having other […]

Member offer: 50% off Jurgen Wolff’s Massive Action Day

KindredHQ members can participate for half price at £5 per session. Just email jurgenwolff ( and request a KindredHQ member discount with a password. Next session Saturday 17th November. We’ve written so many times about the blockages that stop you from being totally amazing when you are working for yourself.  Procrastination, fear, lack of confidence.  […]

Member offer: Co-working at Hub Islington

We’ve teamed up with HUB Islington to offer KindredHQ members 50% off their first month of membership.  Perfect for coworking with other free-agents! The HUB is home to a friendly and dynamic community of social entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups. Now a global movement with over 30 co-working spaces and 4,000 members across five continents, HUB […]

Keeping up with your books

Emily Coltman ACA, Chief Accountant to FreeAgent – who provide an award-winning online accounting system for small businesses and freelancers – gives her top tips on how to ensure you don’t neglect your books. When you’re freelancing, it’s tempting to concentrate on the more exciting parts of being in business for yourself rather than the […]

Member to Member

Everyone needs a helping hand with stuff sometimes.  KindredHQ has a wealth of talent and enthusiasm in our network.  We’re creating space for you to ask for help right here! Do you have a project you’d like someone to scan, or edit? Are you looking for a mentor – someone who’s been through it all […]

Pimp your smartphone – iPhone photography

The camera sensor in the iPhone 4/4S always surprises with its quality. I’ve completely ditched my point and shoot, in favour of an iPhone for everything from snapshots to short interviews. The only real problem, is its poor digital zoom and difficulty handling depth of field; well, until I discovered these accessories and apps. Whether you […]

Best 3 premium — portfolio tools

Free services are great, especially when it comes to portfolios. Whether you want a simple solution or a site that is highly customisable; there are tools out there for you. Though, premium tools offer the flair and functionality of a build your own site like Tumblr, with the simplicity and ease provided by Behance, as […]

Top 5 free — portfolio tools

If you love being creative, and want as many people to see your work as possible, then having an online portfolio is a massive step forward. The problem is; which one. There are dozens of portfolio tools out there, we’ve whittled down some of the best, for artists, designers and creative types who have a […]

Browse our Bookshelf

By popular demand, we are going to pull together some of the books that we feature on KindredHQ and are filling up the bookshelves at HQ.  We’ll be reviewing some of the books that we’ve enjoyed and hopefully you’ll submit some of your recommendations too. In time, we’ll set up a book swop. Maybe you’ve […]

18 ways to make co-working more interesting

Here’s our tribute to the brilliant ‘28 ways to make meetings more interesting’ courtesy of Maggie Richards, co-founder of The English Writers Mid client-call, get up and place your headphones firmly on your neighbour and say ‘You take over, John. It’s all yours. Seal the deal!’ Mime sssh! disapprovingly whenever the person sat next to you […]

Liberate your desk!

We’re living in an exciting time, with more potential for flexibility in our working lives than we’ve ever known before. The tools we use for browsing the web and keeping up with friends can also let us choose the way we work – but only if we grab that freedom with both hands and make […]

Thinking around corners

Being out there surviving on your own means thinking differently.  Richard Jenkins, a KindredHQ friend who runs his own IT business, shares his thinking on why you should be thinking around corners. Humans in general have a tendency to think in straight lines. Using accepted, approved ways of doing things to achieve standard results. Nothing […]

Create an inspiring home workplace

Judy Heminsley the author of Work from Home and founder of shares her secrets on creating an inspiring home workplace… The perfect home workspace? I’ve noticed that articles about home working usually insist you must have a separate workspace, to mark the distinction between work and home. Having spoken to many home workers with all kinds […]

Bite size eating with Emily Fawell

Hands up if you grab the first thing to eat or skip meals although when you work from home?  (So do we!)  Emily Fawell, a nutrition consultant has prepared this useful bite sized tip just for you. Eat regularly (every 3 hours) Always remember to have both complex carbohydrates and protein Make sure you have […]

Sitting comfortably?

Stiff neck? Back aching? Most of us don’t remember to move and adjust our position when we are working at home.  Here’s a little yogic exercise from Kindredhq spirit, Johanna Grundy to help loosen you up and get you going again. You can find Johanna at:

How to Avoid Procrastination

Some top tips from Carole Ann Rice… Is there something in your life you keep putting off?  Do you find yourself needlessly surfing the net, watching Jeremy Kyle or eating direct from the fridge to avoid something? Perhaps you are trying to ignore that difficult phone call, tacking your tax return or studying your last […]