Penelope. Your own receptionist.

Picture this. The business is starting to take off. And you are running around like a mad thing trying to keep all your clients happy. You become obsessed with not missing a call, but you simply can’t do everything. Help is at hand. Because we’ve teamed up with Penelope, a nifty little service from Moneypenny. […]

10 excuses to go to Reasons to be Creative

With short deadlines, demanding clients and bills to pay, the cost of attending a creative inspirational event and taking a few days out of the office can be a big challenge. Rob Chandler from Reasons to be Creative thinks you should take the time to go. Here are his 10 reasons why: 1.     Inspiration – […]

Members offer: Zipcar for Business

As a member of the KindredHQ community, you know better than most that paying for services only for when you need them is the smart choice. You may already have heard of Zipcar, but if not, we’re a nifty company that park over 1,500 cars and vans on-street across London, and let people (and businesses) […]

Member offer: 50% off Jurgen Wolff’s Massive Action Day

KindredHQ members can participate for half price at £5 per session. Just email jurgenwolff ( and request a KindredHQ member discount with a password. Next session Saturday 17th November. We’ve written so many times about the blockages that stop you from being totally amazing when you are working for yourself.  Procrastination, fear, lack of confidence.  […]

Member offer: Co-working at Hub Islington

We’ve teamed up with HUB Islington to offer KindredHQ members 50% off their first month of membership.  Perfect for coworking with other free-agents! The HUB is home to a friendly and dynamic community of social entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups. Now a global movement with over 30 co-working spaces and 4,000 members across five continents, HUB […]

Member offer: Freeagent

Freeagent.  We love ’em.  One of the few companies out there who really understand freelancers and independents. FreeAgent is designed specifically to meet the needs of freelancers and small business owners, as well as accountants working to support us. For freelancers and small businesses FreeAgent’s online accounting system helps to give users a clear […]