How to market yourself as a freelancer

James White, a freelance writer, gives some valuable tips based on experience to help market yourself as a freelancer. One of the hardest aspects of running your own freelance business is that it’s all up to you to find new jobs to keep the money coming in. A great portfolio of work, past client testimonials, […]

How to create a killer freelance profile

Having spent a good few weekends honing my freelance profile (that’s a resume for our US friends!) I thought I’d share some of my killer tips for getting your freelance profile right. When you freelance, you’re always on the look out for new clients and your profile is at the heart of that search.  It’s […]

Easy as Etsy

More and more of our members are starting to think about how they sell their products online.  There are various different online retailers, but if you create art or craft items then Etsy is the largest online shop on the web and it’s fabulously easy to set up. Last week, we had an illuminating Sandwich […]

8 PR tricks every freelancer should know

There comes a time when all freelancers and independents have to face the possibility that their business needs a PR refresh. Some are lucky enough to gain most new clients through word of mouth, which is infinitely better than any press coverage, but if client prospects are drying up and you want to try a […]

5 ways to kickstart ideas

Sometimes, I can be an ideas volcano.  They are popping out all over the place.  I don’t much care whether they will work or not, because the sheer volume of ideas means that some are bound to stick. The thing about ideas is that you can’t control when and how you are going to have […]

Grow with email and social media

In this second of a 6 part series ‘Your Flying Start in Freelancing’, Tamsin Fox-Davies, resident small business mentor at Constant Contact here in the UK, tells us how to grow your business with email and social media. Tamsin Fox-Davies is a well known small business marketing mentor with more than ten years’ experience in […]

Your flying start in freelancing

In this first of a 6 part series, Deborah Henry-Pollard of Catching Fireworks talks about ‘A vision and why you need one’. We’re on a mission to show you how an independent career is the best job in the world. But the fact is, that university and colleges across the globe rarely point you towards […]

How to find extra freelance income

Being your own boss is the business. But of course, working independently means periods without any guaranteed work. We’ve talked about how you can deal with the fallow periods when there isn’t a steady stream of client work, but what if you could bring in extra income that doesn’t rely on your time? Having other […]

typewriter once upon a time

There’s a book in all of us

Apparently, we’ve all got a book inside us.  For many of us though, we never quite get the time, energy or confidence to put pen to paper and write it.  But the time has never been better to get yourself published, with many different ways to do that – and no need to worry about […]

Best 3 premium — portfolio tools

Free services are great, especially when it comes to portfolios. Whether you want a simple solution or a site that is highly customisable; there are tools out there for you. Though, premium tools offer the flair and functionality of a build your own site like Tumblr, with the simplicity and ease provided by Behance, as […]

Top 5 free — portfolio tools

If you love being creative, and want as many people to see your work as possible, then having an online portfolio is a massive step forward. The problem is; which one. There are dozens of portfolio tools out there, we’ve whittled down some of the best, for artists, designers and creative types who have a […]