We’ve partnered with Lawbite

We are pleased to announce our partnership with legal services company Lawbite giving you 10% off simple legal services and documents. Each and every one of us has to negotiate contracts, wrestle with Intellectual Property and sometimes chase your customers for unpaid invoices. Without affordable access businesses and individuals are often put off taking the […]

7 legal must dos for freelancers

OK. So you’ve decided to go freelance, or you’re refreshing your freelance services.  If you are anything like me, the legal stuff is the last thing you are thinking about, and you might even be assuming that most of it doesn’t apply to your one woman or man band. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case, and […]

Who pays you late?

Want to know whether your new client has a track record of paying you late? Steven Renwick has created Satago, a new database of late paying clients for freelancers and small businesses. He tells us more below. If you’re working as a freelancer in the UK you don’t need to be told that late-payment of […]

FreeAgent – The freelancer’s accounting package

FreeAgent.  We love ’em.  One of the few companies out there who really understand freelancers and independents. FreeAgent is designed specifically to meet the needs of freelancers and small business owners, as well as accountants working to support us. http://youtu.be/BXcIKgys-4Q For freelancers and small businesses FreeAgent’s online accounting system helps to give users a clear […]

How to find extra freelance income

Being your own boss is the business. But of course, working independently means periods without any guaranteed work. We’ve talked about how you can deal with the fallow periods when there isn’t a steady stream of client work, but what if you could bring in extra income that doesn’t rely on your time? Having other […]

The easiest free invoice tool ever?

Bet you’ve spent more than a few hours searching the web for a nice looking free invoice template. Well it looks like it has arrived. Our friends at FreeAgent have launched an intuitive free tool that means that instead of wasting time with the tedious process of creating invoices on your own, you can simply […]

Nothing like a good spring clean

Our resident accountant, Rosie Slosek of One Man Band Accounting offers us some Spring cleaning advice for your accounts.  (Oh, and she makes a mean chocolate brownie for her clients too….) Spring is that beautiful time of year when Spring has sprung, the days are longer, the daffodils are blooming, and the last month before […]

6 ways to turn freelance detective

Hands up if you’ve had problems being paid by a client?  Thought so. It still amazes me that so many client companies get away with not paying for freelance services received.  It’s short sighted, and immoral, but some companies and organisations (including some well known and established names) still get away with it. Of course […]

Your accounts need love too

Rosie Slosek, One Man Band Accounting reckons we need to give our accounts a Valentine’s hug. Valentine’s Day for your accounts? Allow me to explain. 14th February is about love and romance, yes? Showing appreciation to your partner, celebrating your relationship. If you’re single, it can be about being miserable – or a day to […]

The tax therapist

Our resident tax therapist (ahem..Rosie Slosek of One Man Band Accounting) wants us to relax and get your forms in. It’s tax time again. Less than 2 weeks to go. The signs of frustration can be heard all over the land. Have you done yours yet? I’m in a coffee shop today with a reward […]

Totting up time

It comes around once a year and we’re afraid that there’s no hiding under the duvet.  31st January marks the date by which you need to get your self assessment tax return into the HMRC. Our friends at FreeAgent, the online accounting software designed for freelancers have come up with the best ever checklist that […]

It doesn’t have to be taxing

Rosie Slosek of One Man Band Accounting is very used to our free-agent ways, and recognises that this is not our favourite annual event. Uh-oh. The tax return elephant is in the room again. I have good news. Doing your self assessment tax return isn’t nearly as bad as eating an elephant. I give you: […]

Keeping up with your books

Emily Coltman ACA, Chief Accountant to FreeAgent – who provide an award-winning online accounting system for small businesses and freelancers – gives her top tips on how to ensure you don’t neglect your books. When you’re freelancing, it’s tempting to concentrate on the more exciting parts of being in business for yourself rather than the […]