Christmas at KindredHQ: Gifts for Tech-Lovers

Christmas is almost here. And that means presents. If you’re not geek-savvy, then buying for your tech enthusiast friends and family can be a stretch. So here are a few gift suggestions if you’re looking for a techie present. Convergence Universal docking station There’s a major problem with the gadgets we’re all acquiring. Their charging […]

Fear, creation and freelancing

Yiannis Pelekanos is stepping out from the dark and admitting he’s scared. So… I’ve not really written much over the last couple of months. As much as I want to call it an extended hiatus, its not really been by choice. Its been fear. Well, and procrastination. But mainly fear!  I don’t know whether it’s […]

Pimp your smartphone – iPhone photography

The camera sensor in the iPhone 4/4S always surprises with its quality. I’ve completely ditched my point and shoot, in favour of an iPhone for everything from snapshots to short interviews. The only real problem, is its poor digital zoom and difficulty handling depth of field; well, until I discovered these accessories and apps. Whether you […]

This week at KindredHQ

Hello Kindred Spirits, So, how about this weather we’ve been having?  It’s almost like Summer. KindredHQ’s events are carrying on at full throttle. We’re hosting two events: Monday, 20 August 2012 @ Mozilla London Thursday, 13 August 2012 @ View 61 Technically by the time this is posted the event at Mozilla will have already started, but […]

Best 3 premium — portfolio tools

Free services are great, especially when it comes to portfolios. Whether you want a simple solution or a site that is highly customisable; there are tools out there for you. Though, premium tools offer the flair and functionality of a build your own site like Tumblr, with the simplicity and ease provided by Behance, as […]

Top 5 free — portfolio tools

If you love being creative, and want as many people to see your work as possible, then having an online portfolio is a massive step forward. The problem is; which one. There are dozens of portfolio tools out there, we’ve whittled down some of the best, for artists, designers and creative types who have a […]

In the news — volunteering

As the bell tolled at the end of the Olympic Games, Lord Coe had many groups to thank; though one truly deserved his appreciation, and the crowd’s applause. The volunteers. Those 70,000 men and women (some as young as sixteen) who gave their time, were credited as the “heroes of [the] games”. Maybe you’re wondering […]

This week at KindredHQ

Hello Kindred Spirits, So, the Olympics are over, and London is slowly beginning to return to normal life; well, until the Paralympics begin in just over 2 weeks. KindredHQ’s events are back up and running after last week’s Olympic-driven hiatus. We’re hosting two events: Wednesday, 15 August 2012 @ The Centre for Creative Collaboration Thursday, […]

Desk of the Week #17

The sticky forest’s lull is popped with the birth of a creative pioneer. After three months of observing and absorbing from under my mother’s bark I have been launched into an adventure across the skies of the city of London, sparking dark spaces and feeding visual poverty. In my premier week I have been illustrating […]

Desk of the Week #16

Before anyone asks, his name is Yogi; he likes chicken, long walks, and distractingly slobbering over keyboards. Whilst sitting here, with Yogi laying beside me, and birds joyfully twittering above me, I can’t help but wonder where I’d be, and what I’d be doing, if I had a 9-5 office job. No doubt, I’d have […]