How to market yourself as a freelancer

James White, a freelance writer, gives some valuable tips based on experience to help market yourself as a freelancer. One of the hardest aspects of running your own freelance business is that it’s all up to you to find new jobs to keep the money coming in. A great portfolio of work, past client testimonials, […]

Welcome to Generation D

Decentralisation, delamination and digitisation: Welcome to “Generation D” Remember the nine-to-five? Remember a time when you didn’t work from home? When you took a couple of weeks on a beach somewhere and forgot all about work? How about a time when you went out for an hour at lunchtime as opposed to eating a sandwich […]

Who pays you late?

Want to know whether your new client has a track record of paying you late? Steven Renwick has created Satago, a new database of late paying clients for freelancers and small businesses. He tells us more below. If you’re working as a freelancer in the UK you don’t need to be told that late-payment of […]

FreeAgent – The freelancer’s accounting package

FreeAgent.  We love ’em.  One of the few companies out there who really understand freelancers and independents. FreeAgent is designed specifically to meet the needs of freelancers and small business owners, as well as accountants working to support us. For freelancers and small businesses FreeAgent’s online accounting system helps to give users a clear […]

Members offer: Zipcar for Business

As a member of the KindredHQ community, you know better than most that paying for services only for when you need them is the smart choice. You may already have heard of Zipcar, but if not, we’re a nifty company that park over 1,500 cars and vans on-street across London, and let people (and businesses) […]

Life’s too short to be in the wrong meeting

Sarah Browning celebrates her freelance career. I was at a great unconference at the weekend. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of an unconference, let me (briefly) explain. It’s like a regular conference but with no pre-set programme – on the day, the delegates say what they would like to discuss or learn […]

The Cheapskate’s Guide to IT for independents

One of the biggest headaches of your early weeks as an independent will be deciding how to become your own IT department. Kevin McClean has been freelancing for 3 months, and developed this guide especially for you. I went freelance 3 months ago.  And I’ve wrestled with my (business) conscience on a number of scores, […]

Small things matter

Sarah Browning shares this thoughtful guest post with us on why the small things in life matter most. A couple of days ago, I was looking at my one-page summary of all the things that I want to do with my business in the coming months – my summary business plan, if you will. I […]

The tax therapist

Our resident tax therapist (ahem..Rosie Slosek of One Man Band Accounting) wants us to relax and get your forms in. It’s tax time again. Less than 2 weeks to go. The signs of frustration can be heard all over the land. Have you done yours yet? I’m in a coffee shop today with a reward […]

I’m new around here

Tommy Darker, a musician, shares his very personal experience setting out on a freelance career in London, a new city. “… I am free! Total freedom. No boss. No pressure to wake up at 5am anymore and no constraints on my creative integrity. It was my choice after all, right? It was me that quit […]

Keeping up with your books

Emily Coltman ACA, Chief Accountant to FreeAgent – who provide an award-winning online accounting system for small businesses and freelancers – gives her top tips on how to ensure you don’t neglect your books. When you’re freelancing, it’s tempting to concentrate on the more exciting parts of being in business for yourself rather than the […]

Coaching Plan for Kindred Spirits

Are you setting out on a freelance or independent career? Setting up a business doing what you love? Do you sometimes lose your confidence in your ability to go it alone?  We’ve all been there too! At KindredHQ, we know exactly how that feels, because we’re doing it too.  So we know that you’re going […]

KindredHQ Jelly on the Telly!

We couldn’t resist sharing our first KindredHQ TV appearance with you all. Our good friend @LJRich asked if she could come down to C4CC and film some of the folk at our Jelly session. The piece which appeared on @BBCClick discusses the topic of online influence scores such as Klout and Kred, and their potential […]

Today was a bad day

There it is, I said it, and yes it was most definitely a bad day. I’d be comfortable having a little moan about this to close friends, but it’s not really something to blurt out on your own very public blog, is it? I really don’t want to go into the details, but the thing […]

Desk of the Week #10

We spoke to Helen Beckett about how she became an independent PR consultant… “It was my third birthday this January – well not mine obviously but my company’s third birthday. Like many I was one of those ‘if only’ type of people, waiting for some divine intervention before setting up my own business. Well it […]

The KindredHQ Playlist #7

Our latest Playlist is curated by Chris of, a new musical social network. The  goal of the site is to promote, encourage and reward their community of artists.  Currently, HitMe1 is a 2 man team who both realized they had a strong passion for music, and envisioned a network for musicians who could compete using their […]

KindredHQ and Mozilla team up on new Jelly event

We are really proud to announce an additional KindredHQ free coworking Jelly event at the fantastic new Mozilla Space in Central London. Starting on April 24th they will be held on Tuesday afternoons and dates will be listed on the Eventbrite page. Mozilla are the community of super-talented folk best known for their Firefox browser […]

The KindredHQ Playlist #6

The music of Sunna Gunnlaugs, as introduced by Artemis Robison Artemis is a singer and musical artist from Oakland, California, and co-founder of RTFM Records, an independent artist collective. Ever since the internet made it possible, she’s been an avid cultivator of remote collaborations, working with musicians around the world to create albums of lush, downtempo electro-pop.  Artemis […]

Join us at KindredHQ regular co-working Jellys

UPDATE: Due to popular demand we’re running a third Jelly event at the O2 Workshop in Tottenham Court Road, London (see the Events page for more details) Working from home can be great but sometimes you just need to be around other people. As the insightful and rather catchy theme music from Cheers tells us: […]

The KindredHQ Playlist #6

Sophie Tott is a seasoned DJ, producer, and now fitness instructor, who has delighted dance-floors with her selection of music the world over. We first met Sophie back in 2001 when she was in the design and marketing world. She was one of the first people we met who decided to break free of her […]

Working in the Sunshine

The sunshine is breaking through! It’s at times like these that I love being a free agent as I can really make the most of the lovely weather. After spending years cooped up in corporate offices staring jealously out of the window at builders, gardeners and traffic wardens (well, maybe not traffic wardens), I can now top […]

Personal and Professional Support

Freelance writer Chelsea Haden tells us about the value she’s found in her personal and professional support networks… After years of being surrounded with supportive friends, family and tutors my friend finished her degree and decided to go in to self-employment. She worked in a bar to help her fund University so she was determined […]

Are free agents lazy?

Freelancers are lazy, right? “They snooze in bed whilst the ‘real’ world is busy seizing the day, before finally dragging themselves to the nearest coffee shop to spend the day chatting on Twitter.” At least, that’s what an employed acquaintance who shall remain nameless – authoritatively told me last week. While that might be the standard daily […]

The KindredHQ Playlist #5

Roberto Sodano has been writing recording, and honing his craft for years. A teenager in the eighties, with dodgy haircuts to match, he saw Kraftwerk supported by the Human League , and straightaway fell in love with electronic music. During the 90’s he released tracks under a series of strange and possibly ill advised pseudonyms (such […]

Desk of the week #7

San Sharma, community manager at mobile app WorkSnug and business support company Enterprise Nation, shares his desk – or café table! – with us this week. “I split my week between the WorkSnug office, my own home office and various coffee shops around town. I even work on the bus, if I need to! So, basically, I work […]

18 ways to make co-working more interesting

Here’s our tribute to the brilliant ‘28 ways to make meetings more interesting’ courtesy of Maggie Richards, co-founder of The English Writers Mid client-call, get up and place your headphones firmly on your neighbour and say ‘You take over, John. It’s all yours. Seal the deal!’ Mime sssh! disapprovingly whenever the person sat next to you […]

The KindredHQ playlist #4

It’s the 29th of February and to celebrate this special day we’ve curated an especially energising playlist to get you jumping around your space. If you’ve been putting something off then crank up the volume and put your doubts to the side. Now is the time to take the leap of faith so just do it! Listen […]

Liberate your desk!

We’re living in an exciting time, with more potential for flexibility in our working lives than we’ve ever known before. The tools we use for browsing the web and keeping up with friends can also let us choose the way we work – but only if we grab that freedom with both hands and make […]

The KindredHQ Playlist #1

Welcome to a new regular item for the site, The KindredHQ Playlist. Sometimes we need music to cheer us up, help us concentrate, inspire us or take us out of the everyday. Music has always been a huge part of my life. My first career was as a freelance DJ and I continue to work […]