…and the rest of the week — Monday, 23 July 2012

Afternoon Kindred Spirits,

If you read last week’s Desk of the Week, you’ll know that things are about to grow in a big way at KindredHQ. Though for now, we’re taking life at headquarters one week at a time.

We’re trying out some great new ways to get freelancers and independent workers speaking to one another, and sharing ideas. Today we’re starting the ball rolling, with a new twitter hashtag, if you have any questions for KindredHQ, or need someone with a particular skill set then include #AskKindred in your tweet. Using that hash tag will be a great way to find quality advice and team-members, without searching through half the web to find them.

So, here’s a rundown of what’s happening for the rest of this week — starting Monday, 23 July 2012.

Alex is currently enjoying her much deserved holidays, so we won’t be having any events this week, though there will be plenty of features and interesting stories to read throughout the week…

Tuesday – We’ll have a Playlist of the Week, for your ears to enjoy.

Wednesday – In the middle of the week, sometimes you need a couple of minutes to breathe, and think about all the exciting things to look forward to at the weekend. We provide a few suggestions, and hopefully hold back the thought of “I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday”, in the the first edition of the Mid-Week Break.

Thursday – Alex has written a great piece about how to take the first step; from the ‘rat race’ to working independently.

Friday – On our travels we met the incredibly talented Nicola Ballingall, who will be illustrating her Desk of the Week.

Saturday – The weekend, time to kick back and survey everything we’ve achieved over the past days… In the Weekend Bundle we’ll have a collection of interesting tid-bits to entertain over the weekend, and also some tools to make next week run smoother than ever.

If you like what we’re doing around here, or have suggestions, feel free to; comment or tweet @KindredHQ.

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