What is KindredHQ?

We are the company of others

For freelancers and independents:

Maybe like us, you have joined the millions of people who’ve decided to go it alone and make a living doing something they love.  We call ourselves Kindred.

There are millions more of us who are defining an entirely new freelance and independent lifestyle, free from the constraints of corporate culture.   No 9 to 5, no office politics.  We call the shots. Along with some of the other fundamental shifts in the way we live our lives, we are moving fluidly between work and home, usually just trying to find our way, creating new networks of like-minded people who help us get things done.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Except that we know that it can sometimes be very, very tough.  Many freelancers, independent workers and start up entrepreneurs talk of the isolation they experience and how hard it is to find the right connections, be they new clients, investors in your idea or a co-conspirator.

Kindred HQ is a place where you’ll find people who have a similar attitude to life.  In our network you will be able to talk about the things that you find hard, share in successful moments, make serious connections and have fun at the same time.  Our membership community will facilitate those conversations and connections and give you access to products and services that are designed with you in mind.


We’re one of Forbes Magazine’s Top 75 websites for your career in 2012 and – just announced – one of their Top 100 websites for your career in 2013!



Our Founder, Alex Butler, was interviewed by The Next Woman Magazine about the launch of KindredHQ. Alex is part of the Dell Womens’ Entrepreneur Network.



The-Guardian-logo1KindredHQ features in the Guardian’s Small Business showcase.




For businesses large and small:

With our cost effective packages, we also help businesses find the flexible freelance teams for rapid innovation, creative projects or simply to help get a new initiative or start-up off the ground.  We can find you the perfect specialist for the job in hand and we advise businesses of all sizes looking to adapt to a flexible workforce.  

To partner with us to deliver bespoke or innovative products and services for the freelance community, to offer to host our of our co-working events, to book our training courses or simply to shoot the breeze over a coffee. contact us directly at hello@kindredhq.com.  We’d be happy to fill you in on our services for businesses.

We’d love you to get involved!

We want to work together to design the right support system for people like us.  And to do that, we need to hear from you.  We’ve created a space that allows for you to contribute ideas, so here are some ways that you can do that:

  • Guest blog!  We love hearing from you – the real experts in making things happen
  • Post a short video that shows other members how to do something that you know lots about. We can help co-create it with you.
  • Follow us on your favourite social media sites like TwitterFacebookPinterestYoutubeEventbrite and Google+.
  • Share stuff you like on and off the site (just click the share buttons).
  • Get to know people in the comments section of each post.
  • Come along to one of our KindredHQ events and meet fellow Kindred spirits in person.
  • And just about anything else that you can think off – it all helps.

Why not get in touch and say hello@kindredhq.com

You may want to just hang out for a while or sign up for our newsletter (over on the right). Just get stuck in and get to know everyone.