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At KindredHQ we think that the future of work is the freedom to work on your terms. Millions are taking the plunge everyday, but can’t find the support systems and tools they need. We wanted to bring the best tools and resources together in one handy place, so that you can get on with the job. It’s a freelance toolkit that’s been pulled together through the experience of many other freelancers.

But the most important support you’ll find is from other independents and freelancers. We are on a mission to bring you together and help you create new work, new connections and find new clients.


It’s networking but not as you know it! Expand your circle of friends and freelance associates, swop stories and find new clients at one of our friendly meetups or coaching sessions.

Tool up

Every freelancer has a toolkit! Find what you need to help you get on with the job, including finance, legal, PR and digital tools and advice designed especially for independents.


Be a pro freelancer with the Kindred Academy. Learn new skills and hone your professional prowess. If you are new to it, we’ll also show you how to get set up properly for your solo career.


Find out more about every aspect of freelance life from setting your price to how to keep motivated.

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