Playlist of the week #8

Steve Lawson aka @solobasssteve is back with another stunning artist for you to try out.
‘Sticking with instrumental music for now, one of my favourite recent discoveries is Christine Bougie – I first heard her playing guitar, lap steel and drums for singer/songwriter Gretchen Peters. She was amazing on that gig, and on checking out her own music after meeting, I fell in love with her record Aloha Supreme as well.
It’s tricky to describe but it’s perhaps best described as ‘Americana chamber music’ – lap steel guitar, wrapped in some really beautiful arrangements, including cello, trumpet and clarinet.
Her version of The Beach Boys’ “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times” is sublime. The whole record is gorgeous, whether you’re sat giving it some focussed listening or are using it to help set the scene for some creative thinking and writing.
Here it is – enjoy!’

She’s @christinebougie on twitter too :)

Who is Alex Butler

Based in Wiltshire and London, I am the Founder of andl I do a little bit of everything. But mainly, business strategy, partnership and community development and marketing. You won’t find me doing much of the techie stuff. I live in the Kindredhq community, having struck out independently in November 2010. As a freelance consultant, I noticed that although many more people are choosing to work outside of organisations, there is very little in the way of support, practical or emotional, and I decided to learn more about why and what could be done to help. One of the important things that I’ve learnt is that I’m only ever as good as the people that I work and collaborate with, so although there are some impressive things on my CV, I haven’t put them in here. If you still want to know though, you can always visit my LinkedIn profile.

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