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By popular demand, we are going to pull together some of the books that we feature on KindredHQ and are filling up the bookshelves at HQ.  We’ll be reviewing some of the books that we’ve enjoyed and hopefully you’ll submit some of your recommendations too. In time, we’ll set up a book swop.

Maybe you’ve written a book?  If it is relevant to our audience and you’re happy for us to review it, then please get in touch with us at KindredHQ and we’d be happy to help you promote it.  Naturally, if we’ve featured interesting writers on the site, their books get a special thumbs up from us too.

Psst…if you buy one here, we get a bit of money back from Amazon to help us keep KindredHQ afloat!

Happy reading!

Who is Alex Butler

Based in Wiltshire and London, I am the Founder of andl I do a little bit of everything. But mainly, business strategy, partnership and community development and marketing. You won’t find me doing much of the techie stuff. I live in the Kindredhq community, having struck out independently in November 2010. As a freelance consultant, I noticed that although many more people are choosing to work outside of organisations, there is very little in the way of support, practical or emotional, and I decided to learn more about why and what could be done to help. One of the important things that I’ve learnt is that I’m only ever as good as the people that I work and collaborate with, so although there are some impressive things on my CV, I haven’t put them in here. If you still want to know though, you can always visit my LinkedIn profile.